100 Beautiful Chinese Girls/Females Names with Meanings

Written by Apple Updated Mar. 10, 2023

Traditionally, words carrying the meanings of beauty, elegance, gentleness, charm, etc, are widely used in Chinese girls' names. But nowadays, young Chinese parents like to choose fashionable names or words with the beauty of artistic conception for their baby girls. 

Here is a list of the most popular 100 names for girls/females. 

Top 30 Most Common Chinese Girl's Names

These are the most common and classic Chinese names for girls. If you want a name that is not so unique and never seem to go out of style, only choose one from them. 

Top 30 Popular Modern Chinese Girl Names

These names below have become popular in the recent years. They are fashionable names with artistic conception, as well as beautiful meanings and pretty sound. 

Top 30 Popular Traditional Chinese Girl Names

Traditional Chinese Girls’ names are typically related to "beauty", "intelligence", and "pretty". Traditional common Chinese words for girls’ names include:

Unique Chinese Girl Names

If you want a cool and rare name that is uncommon and special, you can choose one from below. These names come from ancient Chinese classics with cultural connotations and beautiful meanings. 

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