Top 14 Best Ski Resorts in China

Written by Sally Guo Updated May. 15, 2023

At present, There are 770 ski resorts are being built in China, and the snowing season can last for 140 days from November to March.

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Ski resorts in China are mainly distributed in Harbin and Jilin in the Northeast, Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei in the North, and Xinjiang in the Northwest.

1. Harbin Yabuli Ski Resort - The Biggest Ski Resort in China

About two and a half hours drive from Harbin downtown, Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in China, as well as China’s biggest comprehensive training center for snow activities. It consists of three mountains and boasts the longest alpine ski slope in Asia. Offer up to 47 ski runs at different levels with a total length of 32 km and the largest vertical drop of 540m.

The snow days at Yabuli can last almost 6 months from November to April of the next year and visitors can go skiing from mid-November to late March. Snowmobile, sled, cable car, and ski gear rentals are available in the resort. Recommended to stay at Club Med Yabuli.

Club Med Yabuli

Club Med Yabuli skiing tour offers "Premium all inclusive", allowing you to enjoy the hassle-free, luxury, and joy of the ice and snow holiday. The 35 km (20 miles) of ski runs provide great skiing for all levels of skill.

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2. Beidahu Ski Resort in Jilin- the Highest Vertical Drop of Ski Runs in China

Only 33 miles away from the downtown of Jilin City, Beidahu (北大壶) Ski Resort is an important skiing center for both sportsmen and ski lovers. There are 26 ski runs in the resort with a total length of 48km. Types of ski runs marked as beginners, intermediates, and experts, 1 cross-country ski run, 5 expert runs, 12 intermediate runs, 5 beginner runs, and 3 primary magic blankets run.

There were several international and national sports events hosted in Beidahu, for example, the 2007 Winter Asia Games and the 2016-17 FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup.

Where to stay in Beidahu Ski Resort? There are 5 hotels in the resort equipped with good service and facilities. Overall, we would like to recommend Club Med Beidahu as your first choice.

Club Med Beidahu

Located in the slop foot of Beidahu Ski resort, just a few minutes walk to the lift station. Club Med Beidahu features an all-inclusive ski holiday package including the ski pass and group classes for all ages.

Club Med Beidahu also provides ski-in/ski-out, for seamless and fun skiing.

3. Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort Jilin

Among the original forest of Changbaishan Mountains Nature Reserve, Wanda Changbaishan (长白山) International Ski Resort is a great place to go skiing with beautiful natural scenery. It has great snow quality which is close to that of France and North Italy.

The ski resort is designed by Ecosign, a company that has designed ski resorts for the 5 Olympic Winter Games. It has 43 snow trails, including 9 high-level, 14 intermediate, and 20 primaries. In addition, it is a great pleasure to enjoy a hot spring after skiing. Taking an excursion to Changbaishan Mountains, Tianchi Lake, and Erdaobai River is also a good idea.

4. Songhua Lake Ski Resort Jilin

Songhua Lake Ski Resort, located in Fengman Economic Zone, Jilin, is famous as an urban ski resort in China and is just 19 kilometers away from the city center. Songhua Lake Ski Resort occupies a total of 175 sq.m skiing area, which has a capacity of 8,000 for skiing.

Songhua Lake Ski Resort has 35 advanced ski runs, with the highest altitude of 935 meters, and a maximum vertical drop of 605 meters, designed for beginners, Intermediates, and experts.

5. Wanlong Ski Resort Zhangjiakou - China's Biggest Mountain Ski Resort

Wanlong (万龙) Ski Resort in Hebei Province is about a 4 hours coach journey from Beijing. It is one of the earliest ski resorts to open to the public in Asia. There are 32 trails including 4 for beginners, 6 for advanced, and 22 for experts, to meet the needs of all levels of skiers.

Wanlong Ski Resort has advanced skiing equipment imported from Canada and Japan. It is a training base for a lot of professional ski teams from China, Japan, and South Korea. Besides, the resort provides the best dining of all the ski resorts in the country.

6. Ski Resort Genting Resort Secret Garden Zhangjiakou - Winter Olympics Freestyle Ski Venue

Located in Chongli County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, the Genting Secret Garden Ski Resort is a great place for skiing and snowboarding. It is the place for Winter Olympics Freestyle Ski Venue

The ski resort equips with 41 ski runs in Yunding Ski Resort, including 13 expert runs, 20 intermediate runs, 2 beginner runs, 6 wild ski runs, and 5 high-speed cable cars with electrically heated seats.

The Yunding Snow Park offers jumping platforms for Skiers of different levels.

7. Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort - Top Skiing and Snowboarding Resort near Beijing

Located in the south of Miyun District, Nanshan (南山) Ski Resort is the most popular ski resort in Beijing (so it is recommended to go there on weekdays to avoid crowds). The resort has 25 ski runs, 1 black trail of "Mogul" and the double black trail of "extreme snow ditch", 80 skiing instructors, and a snowboarding theme Park, making it a great place for beginners and children.

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8. Thaiwoo Ski Resort Chongli - Skiing and Exhilarating Snow Sports

Thaiwoo Ski Resort designed by the world-famous team of Canada Ecosign Mountain Planning and Design offers 31 ski runs with a proportion of beginner 30%, Intermediate 40%, and Expert 30%, which can not only undertake professional ice and ski events but also meet the needs of beginners and intermediate enthusiasts.

Beijing Thaiwoo Ski Resort Shuttle Bus

The above time schedule is subject to change due to the demand for transportation.

9. Fulong Ski Resort Zhangjiakou - Modern and Offers Good Skiing

Fulong Ski Resort is located in Chongli County, Hebei Province, a newly opened ski resort open for day and night skiing, and it creates a seamless connection between the hotel and ski runs for skiing in and out. It is also the first leisure ski resort to cater to families with kids.

Fulong ski resort offers good skiing facilities and great food & drink.

10. Huaibei Ski Resort - Earliest Ski Resort in Beijing

Huaibei International Ski Resort is located in Huairou District, Beijing, 75km from the city center, the resort is surrounded by the Great Wall so you will ski at the foot of this historical marvel. It opens for day and night skiing in the snow season.

Huaibei ski resort offers 11 ski runs, 2 ski runs for beginners, and 9 ski runs for intermediate and expert skiers, and suitable for skiers of different levels. The resort equips with a 3800 meters long ski slope.

11. Yanqing National Alpine Skiing Centre - Winter Olympic Alpine Skiing Events Venue

Located 90 km northwest of the urban center of Beijing, was hosted the 2022 Winter Olympic Alpine Skiing events. The National Alpine Skiing Center recognized the highest level of alpine skiing trails in China.

12. Xinjiang Tianshan International Ski Resort

Tianshan International Ski Resort is Located in the Tianshan Mountain range, at foot of Heavenly Lake, 80 km from Urumqi. The resort has an altitude of 1200 meters, covering an area of 900 sq.m.

There are three ski runs with a total length of 4.4 kilometers that stretch down to the Tianshan Mountains, of which the single ski runs length of 1.8 kilometers, is counted as the longest ski trial in Xinjiang.

13. Silk Road Ski Resort Xinjiang - Skiing, and Snowboarding

The Silk Road International Ski Resort covers an area of 12 square kilometers. It is one of the three major ski resorts in China. The total capacity of 10,000 people to ski at the same time. The ski resort equips with 8 ski runs for beginners, intermediates, and experts, especially for alpine skiers.

Visitors can also take the special ski and sightseeing cablecars directly reach to the virgin forest in the park to enjoy the fascinating snow scenery of the Tianshan Mountains.

14. Xiling Ski Resort Chengdu- Famous Ski Resort in Southwest China

Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain (西岭雪山) Ski Resort is the largest and the best alpine ski resort in South China. With an altitude between 2,200 and 2,400 meters, the resort owns an advanced snow-making system.

It has 10 international-standard trails for ski lovers. Besides skiing, travelers can take part in a lot of entertainment programs such as snowmobile, hot air balloon, and snow hovercraft.

How to Choose the Right Ski Resort in China

Choosing a ski resort for your holiday should consider the ski facilities for different levels, transfer and journey times, price, and value for money.

For Ski Beginners

Wanda Ski Resort Jilin, Ski Resort Genting Resort Secret Garden Zhangjiakou, Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort, Thaiwoo Ski Resort Chongli.

For a leisurely ski vacation, you can choose a resort with beautiful scenery and good facilities. If you just want to learn skills, suggest not choosing the big ski resort as beginners can only ski in one or two ski runs. Some ski resorts such as Jilin Beidahu and Chongli Thaiwoo, provide beginner tickets and offer gentle slopes only for beginners or first-timers, which is more cost-effective.

Family-Friendly Ski Resort

Club Med Yabuli, Club Med Beidahu

The all-inclusive package and children's clubs are the main reason that attracts families to Club Med. Children of all ages can be led by G.O. to learn how to ski, engage in various ice and snow sports, and make new friends in the club.

For families with young children and senior skiers: If you will travel with young children and elders, you may choose a ski resort that has a ski-in/ski-out hotel, it will be hard for them to walk too far with bulky skiing equipment.

For Experienced Skiers

Yabuli Ski Resort, Yanqing National Alpine Skiing Centre, and ski resorts in Xinjiang. Equip with high-elevation slops for access to steep and extreme terrain.

Plan Your China Ski Holiday

Your Budget: first you should decide which ski resort you want to go to. Ski holidays can include many items in your budget list, and in addition to the essential costs of transportation, hotels, and meals, should also consider the cost of ski passes and lift tickets, as well as some equipment rental costs.

For beginners and newcomers: Booking an instructor in advance can make the ski vacation experience much more enjoyable, easier to learn the basic skills of turning, balance, and control. While the price for the instructor and lessons should be taken into consideration.

What to Pack: waterproof jackets and pants, snow boots, suncream, skiing gloves, and skiing gear (unless you've opted to rent).

Prepare for the changes: In addition to the general travel arrangements and weather conditions, you should be aware of the impact of the epidemic condition on your travel destination, travel policy, and restrictions in the airport and ski resort. The documents of 48-hour acid test results, green health code, and travel history within 7 days are usually required.

How to Book

One day pass/ticket needs to be made one day in advance, and a multi-day ski package including resort accommodation needs to be booked at least 7 days in advance. Those can book on the official website of the ski resorts or with a travel agency like us.

We can provide hotel skiing packages including ticket and pass, skiing equipment, accommodation, airport/train station pick up, and private transfers to the ski resort. Tailor-made your ski holiday or contact us by WeChat.

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