How to Travel to Guilin from Hong Kong

Written by Vivian Updated Sep. 27, 2021

There are many options to get from Hong Kong to Guilin and vice-versa. Passengers can travel directly or via Guangzhou and Shenzhen. This article gives you all the transportation details you need to know to plan a tour from HK to Guilin, including the specific time schedule of buses, flights, high-speed trains, and travel tips.

Hong Kong to Guilin Transportation Map

Hong Kong to Guilin Transportation Map

Hong Kong to Guilin by Bullet Train (Recommended)

Bullet trains, or high-speed trains, enjoy the best popularity among all means of public transportation in China. They are convenient, fast, punctual, comfortable and reasonably priced, covering 70% of the area of China. From Hong Kong to Guilin, you can travel by direct high-speed train, or have a layover in Guangzhou or Shenzhen according to your needs.

Option 1: Hong Kong – Guilin

Guilin West Railway Station is the only railway station in Guilin that provides direct high-speed trains to Hong Kong.  

Departure Station to Arrival Station Duration Seat Type
12:05 Hong Kong West Kowloon (香港西九龙) → 15:25 Guilin Xi (West) 3h20m Business Class Seat: 1138 CNY
1st Class Seat: 607 CNY
2nd Class Seat: 379 CNY
14:53 Hong Kong West Kowloon (香港西九龙) → 18:07 Guilin Xi (West) 3h14m

Option 2: Hong Kong – Guangzhou – Guilin

Traveling from Hong Kong to Guangzhou and getting from Guangzhou to Guilin are both convenient. If your time is flexible, it would be a good idea to have a layover day tour in Guangzhou to try authentic Cantonese food and enjoy the Pearl River night cruise.

Section 1: Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Section 2: Guangzhou to Guilin

Departure Stations Guangzhou Nan (South) Railway Station Guangzhou Railway Station
Departures To Guilin Xi (West): 7:00-18:10 (every 20-30 minutes)
To Guilin Bei (North): 7:12-20:16 (every 20-30 minutes)
To Guilin (South): 9:11, 13:13, 17:31
To Guilin Xi (West): 7:23, 9:44, 11:27, 12:50
To Guilin Bei (North): 19:28
Duration 2.5-3 hours
Seat Type Business Class Seat: 493-513 CNY
1st Class Seat: 263-274 CNY
2nd Class Seat: 164-171 CNY
1st Class Seat: 276 CNY
2nd Class Seat: 172 CNY

Different Types of Seats on Bullet Trains

Option 3: Hong Kong – Shenzhen – Guilin

Shenzhen ranked Lonely Planet’s 2nd best city to visit in 2019. It boasts cutting-edge designs and tech innovation and is known as the “Silicon Valley” of China. Recommended: Guangzhou & Shenzhen Experience Tour

Section 1: Hong Kong to Shenzhen

Section 2: Shenzhen to Guilin

Departure Station Shenzhen Bei (North) Railway Station
Departure Time 7:21, 11:45, 13:05, 14:24 12:27, 14:49, 15:15
Arrival Guilin Bei (North) Railway Station Guilin Xi (West) Railway Station
Duration About 3 hours
Seat Type Business Class Seat: 694.5 CNY
1st Class Seat: 363.5 CNY
2nd Class Seat: 239.5 CNY
Business Class Seat: 692.5 CNY
1st Class Seat: 362.5 CNY
2nd Class Seat: 238.5 CNY

Hong Kong to Guilin by Flight

There is only one direct flight from Hong Kong to Guilin per day, which usually departs at 14:10 or 14:15.

Hong Kong to Guilin by Bus (Not Recommended)

There is no direct bus traveling between Hong Kong and mainland China, so if you want to get from HK to Guilin by bus, you need to get to Shenzhen or Guangzhou first, and then catch a bus to Guilin.

1. Guangzhou to Guilin by Bus

Guangzhou Bus Station 广州汽车站

2. Shenzhen to Guilin by Bus

1) Shenzhen Bus Station 深圳汽车站

2) Shenzhen Futian Bus Station 深圳福田汽车站

Guilin to Hong Kong by Bullet Train

Departure Station to Arrival Station Duration Seat Type
12:38 Guilin Xi (West) → 15:57 Hong Kong West Kowloon 3h19m Business Class Seat: 1138 CNY
1st Class Seat: 607 CNY
2nd Class Seat: 379 CNY
13:36 Guilin Xi (West) → 16:57 Hong Kong West Kowloon 3h21m

Guilin to Hong Kong by Flight

There is only one direct flight from Guilin to Hong Kong per day, which usually leaves at 16:35 or 16:45.

Is A Day Trip Possible from Hong Kong to Guilin?

Unlikely, because time is limited. Given the above information, the earliest train from HK to Guilin arrives at 15:25, while the latest train to HK leaves Guilin at 14:53; the flight from HK arrives in Guilin at 15:40, while the flight to HK leaves at 16:35. Additionally, it takes more than 10 hours from Guangzhou/Shenzhen to Guilin by bus.

Travel Tips

Some western passengers may not be familiar with the rules of high-speed train in China, so here are some travel tips:

1. Train tickets to/from big cities such as Hong Kong and Guangzhou are always in short supply, so book your tickets online or from a ticket agency as early as possible.
2. A Passport is needed for ticket booking and check-in.
3. You must pick up your ticket from the ticket office first, which usually involves waiting in line. Also, the railway station stops check-in 5 minutes before departure. So it is recommended to get to the station at least 30 minutes early.
4. Read carefully about the train number, departure time, ticket checking gate and seat number on your ticket.
5. Keep your train ticket well because the ticket will be checked again to leave the station after you get off.
6. No smoking on bullet trains!


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