How to Get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong

Written by Vivian Updated Mar. 6, 2023

Shenzhen is neighbored by Hong Kong with a distance of 50km, passengers can easily travel to Shenzhen from Hong Kong by public transport of train, subway, ferry, and bus.

There are 3 most popular and cost-effective ways to travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. It takes about 15-20 minutes by bullet train from West Kowloon Station Hong Kong to Shenzhen railway station, which is the fastest and most convenient way, 1 hour by MTR and metro, and 1-1 1/2 hours by car.

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1. Get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong By High-Speed Train - Fastest Way (14 min)

The high-speed trains from Hong Kong to Shenzhen take only 14 minutes from West Kowloon Station to Futian Station, and 23 minutes to Shenzhen North Station, trains frequency departs at every 15 minutes from 6:30 am to 12:00 midnight. Search Hong Kong to Shenzhen Train Tickets>>

Getting to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station:

High-Speed Train VS MTR + Cross Port to Shenzhen

Fares are a bit higher if take the high-speed train, but fastest way to get to Shenzhen downtown, If you want to travel cheaper, but slower, take the MTR to the Shenzhen ports.

Procedures to Departure at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

Arrive at B1: check-in with your passport or ID, and take a security check with your baggage(s), then descend to B3.

B3: progressing for leaving Hong Kong through the Hong Kong border and customs, and then going through the Mainland border and customs on the same floor.

B4: After passing through borders, head for the B4 for taking the train.

Insider Tips: boarding gate will be opened 20 minutes prior to the departure, and close the gate 5 minutes before departure time. Please be ready at the gate before boarding starts.

2. Get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong by MTR - Land-Based Cross Boundary Transport

In 2023, China opened the mainland's border with Hong Kong, reopening the three land ports in Shenzhen - Luohu, Liantang, and Huanggang, passengers can get to China's Mainland from Hong Kong at one of 6 ports or border control areas.

Luohu Port - Connected by MTR and Next to Shenzhen Railway Station

Located at Renmin South Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Luohu Port is the busiest port-of-entry that straddles the border with Hong Kong.

Passengers with large luggage through Luohu Port must be checked in the "blue line", so expected to wait a long queen for customs clearance, especially at weekends and holidays.

Huanggang Port - 24-hour Customs Clearance Service

Huanggang Port is one of the busiest ports in China and the only land port in the country that conducts 24-hour customs clearance. Passengers can take Lok Ma Chau – Huanggang Cross-boundary Shuttle Bus Service (24-hour operation)at the port frequently for 30 minutes daily.

Shenzhen Bay Port - Juxtaposed Controls Crossing

The only port of entry and exit between China's Mainland and Hong Kong, and open 24/7 daily since 2023. Shorten the time for customs declaration by 30 minutes.

Opening time of other 3 ports: Liantang Port: 7 am - 10 pm; Futian Port: 6:30 am - 10:30 pm; Wenjindu Port: 7 am - 10 pm.

Get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong Airport

Passengers can take coach, ferry, or transit via airport express + high-speed train, metro + bus from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen.

1. Hong Kong International Airport to Shekou, Shenzhen by Ferry - Fastest Way

There is a Sky Pier terminal near Hong Kong International Airport that provides express boat services for layover passengers to Shenzhen. But this is not suitable for travelers transiting from Hong Kong downtown.

The Haitian Terminal connects nine ports in the Greater Bay Area. There are eight boats operating daily from Hong Kong Airport to Shekou, Shenzhen with a sailing time of 30 minutes, the boats depart every 1-2 hours, so sail times can be fairly easily estimated.

Producer to Take the Ferry Upon Arrive at Hong Kong Airport

Note: Should purchase the ticket at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

2. Hong Kong Airport - Shenzhen Bay Port Coach - Cheapest Way

After arriving at Hong Kong Airport, passengers can choose the land transfer via coach at the designated Passenger Lounge.



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