Huangshan Cable Cars

Written by ivana Updated Nov. 6, 2023

The stunning natural beauty of Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) attracts many tourists. To explore the many beautiful landscapes of this place, you have to walk a lot and climb numerous steep steps. In order to save time and energy, we recommend you take cable cars instead of hiking the entire way.

There are 4 cable cars on the Huangshan Scenic Area mountains, are two types of cable cars. One type is the podded cable car (hanging in the air)Yungu Cable Way, Yuping Cable Way, and Taiping Cable Way are of this type. The other is the ground-based cable car — the Xihai Cable Car is of this type. 

This article will introduce you to all of them, and you can choose the one that best suits you.

Yungu Cable Way

Yungu Old Cable Car was built in 1986 and was the first sightseeing cable car in Huangshan. It was rebuilt in 2007 and has since been called Yungu Cable Car. If you take this cable car, you can save 2½ hours of trekking (7 km or 4 mi).

Enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Back Mountains on your way. On getting off the cable car, a 15-minute walk (about 500 m / 0.3 mi) from White Goose New Station leads you to the first scenic spot — White Goose Peak. As the slope and steps are gentle, climbing is possible for senior visitors.

Yuping Cable Way

Built in 1996, Yuping Old Cable Car was the second sightseeing cable car in Huangshan. It was rebuilt in 2015. The lower station was moved from Ciguang Temple to the Viewing-Waterfall Building (Hot Spring Scenic Area). If you take this cable car, you can save 3 hours of trekking (6 km or 4 mi).

The amazing terrain of the Front Mountain makes for refreshing vistas. On getting off the cable car, a 30-minute walk from Putuan Pine gets you to the first scenic spot — Greeting-Guest Pine. The slope and steps are steep and may prove difficult for senior visitors.

Huangshan Cable Cars Huangshan Cable Cars

Taiping Cable Way

Unlike Yungu Cable Way and Yuping Cable Way, Taiping Cable Way is located near the North Gate instead of the South Gate. If this is your first visit to Huangshan, it is highly suggested that you enter the scenic area from the South Gate, as most popular attractions are near that gate. This is also why foreigners seldom choose Taiping Cable Way to explore Huangshan.

Taiping Cable Cars Taiping Cable Cars

Xihai Cable Car

Unlike the 3 cable cars detailed above, Xihai Cable Car is ground-based. The views from this one are not as good as from the other cable cars. However, the Xihai Cable Car does save time and energy.

Without the Xihai Cable Car, visitors have to spend about 6 hours hiking across the West Sea Grand Canyon, which is not advisable if you are short on time or not a strong hiker. With this cable car, visitors can scale the canyon from bottom to top within 10 minutes!

Xihai Cable Cars Xihai Cable Cars

Map of Cable Cars

Huangshan Cable Cars Map

Huangshan Cable Car Ticket Prices

Cable Car Names Length Altitude Difference Capacity Duration Price
1 March–31 October 1 November–29 February
Yungu Cable Way 2,660 m (8,740 ft) 775 m (2,540 ft) 8 people 8–10 mins 80 RMB 65 RMB
Yuping Cable Way 2,600 m (8,350 ft) 780 m (2,560 ft) 8 people 8–15 mins 90 RMB 75 RMB
Taiping Cable Way 3,700 m (12,139 ft) 1,015 m (3,330 ft) 101 people 8–10 mins 80 RMB 65 RMB
Xihai Cable Car 890 m (2,919 ft) 500 m (1,630 ft) 61 people 8–10 mins 100 RMB Unavailable


Tips for Taking Huangshan Cable Cars

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