How to Travel to Huangshan from Hangzhou

Written by Vivian Updated Jul. 5, 2021

Hangzhou is on the east coast of China and is located about 230 kilometers (143 miles) away from Huangshan. It is very convenient to travel from Hangzhou to Huangshan by train or bus. Reading this article, you will understand how to travel between the two cities.

The Best Way to Travel from Hangzhou to Huangshan

For international travelers, the best way to travel from Hangzhou to Huangshan is to take a high-speed train. The fastest train between these two cities only takes 1 hour 21 minutes.

Currently, it is very convenient to book your train tickets via apps or China Railway’s official website. If you prefer, just ask us for help. Most train stations in China have English signs but if you have any problems in the train station, feel free to ask the station staff for help as some of them can speak English.  

Travel from Hangzhou to Huangshan by Train

The journey duration by train from Hangzhou to Huangshan takes from 1½ to 2½ hours. The ticket price is from 88 to 365 CNY based on different seats on different trains (D or G trains). More than 30 pairs of high-speed trains run between Hangzhou and Huangshan with an operating time of 07:00 to 21:30.

There are two main train stations in Hangzhou but only Hangzhou East Railway Station operates high-speed trains to Huangshan. Hangzhou East Railway Station is about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the city center. You can take metro lines 1 and 4 to get there. A taxi ride from the downtown area to Hangzhou East Railway Station takes about 40 minutes and costs about 50 CNY.

There are two train stations in Huangshan but only Huangshan North Railway Station operates high-speed trains. The other one, Huangshan Railway Station, only operates normal-speed trains. For more detailed information about Huangshan North Railway Station, please click here.

Travel from Hangzhou to Huangshan by Bus

Hangzhou is about 230 kilometers (143 miles) away from Huangshan. Compared with high-speed trains, we do not recommend that international travelers take a bus from Hangzhou to Huangshan because there are few English signs in the bus station and most of the staff cannot understand English or any other foreign language. If you cannot speak Mandarin, it is hard to buy tickets and board a bus.

If you can speak Mandarin, or if you travel with a Chinese-speaking companion, traveling to Huangshan by bus is okay.

It takes about 3 hours to reach Huangshan by bus and the cost is about 100 CNY. Currently, only Hangzhou West Bus Station (杭州汽车西站, Háng zhōu qì chē xī zhàn) operates long-distance buses from Hangzhou to Huangshan. Hangzhou West Bus Station is located in the downtown area and there is no metro line connected to it so we suggest that you take a taxi to get there.

There are two main bus terminals in Huangshan. Huangshan Bus Station (黄山市汽车客运总站, huáng shān shì qì chē kè yùn zǒng zhàn) is in Tunxi District (downtown) while Xinguoxian Huangshan Scenic Area Bus Station (新国线黄山风景区汽车站, xīn guó xiàn huáng shān fēng jǐng qū qì chē zhàn) is in Tangkou (at the foot of the Yellow Mountains).

To save time transferring from the downtown area to the Yellow Mountains, it is suggested that you take a bus to Xinguoxian Huangshan Scenic Area Bus Station from Hangzhou West Bus Station. In this case, you can go straight up the mountains.

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