Top Things to Do in Huangshan

Written by Vivian Updated Jul. 5, 2021

Huangshan is a popular tourist city with a long history. It is famous for the Huangshan mountains, i.e. the Yellow Mountains. It is the hometown of Hui merchants and the birthplace of Hui culture. Besides its amazing mountain scenery, Huangshan has a rich cultural heritage, which you can explore at sites like Tunxi Ancient Street, Hongcun Village, Xidi Village, Nanping Village, and the Tangyue Memorial Arches.

We have compiled the top 6 things for you to do in Huangshan so that you can experience the best that the city has to offer.

Hike on Huangshan’s Mountains

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990, Yellow Mountain Scenic Area is one of the most beautiful mountain areas in China. Xu Xiake, a famous geographer and writer from the Ming Dynasty, remarked that “the landscape of the Five Famous Mountains tops those elsewhere, and the landscape of Huangshan tops that of the Five Famous Mountains.”

With its beautiful natural landscapes, Huangshan is a paradise for travelers who are fond of hiking. You can admire strangely sculpted pine groves, oddly shaped rocks, and a sea of clouds on your hike.

Huangshan Trekking

Photograph the Hongcun and Xidi Villages

Located in Yixian County, Hongcun and Xidi Villages are renowned in China for their Anhui-style buildings. These two ancient villages were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000.

While visiting these ancient villages, you can admire traditional Chinese-style buildings and learn about the Hui culture and the history of the Hui merchants. With the stunning rural countryside laid out before you, this is your chance to enjoy and capture amazing views.

Hongcun Village

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Stroll around Tunxi Ancient Street

Built in the Song Dynasty, Tunxi Ancient Street is located in the center of Huangshan City. Along with Guozijian Street in Beijing and Pingjiang Road in Suzhou, it was named one of the most famous historical and cultural ancient streets in China.

Souvenir shops and popular restaurants dot the street. While strolling the area, you can appreciate traditional Hui-style buildings, taste delicious street food, sip on maofeng — the special local tea, and purchase interesting mementos.

Tunxi Ancient Street

Enjoy the Huangshan Hot Springs

The Huangshan Hot Springs is regarded as one of the Four Wonders of the Yellow Mountains. Soaking in a hot spring spa is a good way to wind down after hiking in the mountains, particularly in winter.

Located 650 m (2,100 ft) above sea level, the average annual temperature of the Huangshan Hot Springs is 42℃ (108℉). The hot spring water is clear and rich in minerals. It not only relaxes your muscles and soothes your skin, but it also has therapeutic effects for people who have metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

Huangshan Hot Spring

Experience Huizhou Culture

Traditional Hui customs and ancient Hui-style architecture characteristic of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368–1912) are well preserved in Huangshan.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful natural vistas, joining in some cultural activities is a great way to experience local life in Huangshan. For example, you could visit a local farm and learn to make Anhui food from the locals.

Huangshan Activity

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Try Various Huangshan Teas

Huangshan Maofeng (黄山毛峰huáng shān māo fēng) is a green tea produced in the Yellow Mountain. It is one of the most famous teas in China; its leaf has a needle-like shape, floral scent, and light taste.

Other interesting teas worth trying in Huangshan are Taiping Houkui (太平猴魁 Tàipíing hóukuí), Qimen black tea (祁门红茶 Qímēn hóngchā), and Tunxi green tea (屯溪绿茶 Tunxi lvcha). These teas promote good health.

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