How to Travel from Shanghai to Zhangjiajie

Written by Vivian Updated Aug. 26, 2021

Zhangjiajie is 1300 kilometers (or 808 miles) from Shanghai. You can travel between them by air, train or high-speed train. We recommend traveling by flight since it is the fastest and most convenient way.

Shanghai to Zhangjiajie Map

Shanghai to Zhangjiajie Map

Shanghai to Zhangjiajie Flight

Taking a flight is the most convenient and recommended way to get from Shanghai to Zhangjiajie. There are 5 direct flights traveling from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport every day.

Shanghai to Zhangjiajie flight

The journey takes about 2.5 hours and the airfare is averagely 710 CNY. The airlines include Shanghai Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, and China Eastern.

Please be noted that there is no direct bus from Zhangjiajie Airport to Wulingyuan. If you book a Zhangjiajie tour with us, our private driver and guide will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.

Shanghai to Zhangjiajie Train

Taking the direct train to Zhangjiajie from Shanghai is the cheapest and most time-consuming way to make this trip. It could be your second option if you don’t mind all the hassle on the overnight trip – you have to sleep on a cramped bunk bed for 22+ hours and there is no English spoken on the train.

Train Number Departure Station to Arrival Station Duration Seat Type
K71 14:34 Shanghai South → 09:22 + 1 Zhangjiajie West 18h48m Hard Seat: 180.5 CNY
Hard Sleeper: 310.5 CNY
Soft Sleeper: 488.5 CNY
K1373 16:49 Shanghai South → 12:58 +1 Zhangjiajie 20h9m Hard Seat: 189.5 CNY
Hard Sleeper: 322.5 CNY
Soft Sleeper: 504.5 CNY
K807 18:51 Shanghai South → 17:24 +1 Zhangjiajie 22h33m

1. “+1” means the second day.
2. The schedule listed above is for reference only. Please click China Train Ticket Service for the real-time schedule and ticket booking.
3. Soft sleeper is private and has larger elbow room, while hard sleeper is open and has very limited space.

Shanghai to Zhangjiajie Bullet Train

There is no direct bullet train running between Shanghai and Zhangjiajie, but you can transfer to Changsha, from which you can take a high-speed train to Zhangjiajie. It is actually not a short journey and you have to switch train stations midway.

Shanghai to Zhangjiajie via Changsha Departure Arrival Duration Frequency Daily Price
Shanghai to Zhangjiajie Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Changsha South Railway Station 5-6 hours 28 departures from 6:10 to 17:38 478 CNY
Changsha to Zhangjiajie Changsha Railway Station Zhangjiajie West Railway Station About 3 hours 18 departures from 7:00 to 20:55 138 CNY

Note: It is recommended to get to the train station 30 minutes early.

Start Your Zhangjiajie Tour from Shanghai

our customer in Zhangjiajie

Exploring Zhangjiajie

1300 kilometers (or 808 miles) from the international Shanghai, Zhangjiajie is a small city featuring natural landscapes. The best time to travel to Zhangjiajie is in spring and autumn when the weather is comfortable and the price of flights and hotels is reasonable.

We have designed a classical Zhangjiajie tour from Shanghai, the itinerary includes:

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