Shanghai - Xi'an Trains: Bullet Train and Overnight Train, Schedule, Ticket Price

Written by Sally Guo Updated Oct. 31, 2023

Shanghai - Xi’an high-speed rail is about 1,387 kilometers (861 miles) long. There are 19 pairs of bullet trains running between Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Xi'an North Railway Station daily. The fastest train trip takes less than 6 hours and costs RMB725 (USD104) for a second-class seat.

There are still over 10 pairs of overnight trains connecting Shanghai and Xi’an. These normal train trips typically take 15 to 24 hours.

shanghai to xian train map
Shanghai to Xi‘an train map

Shanghai - Xi'an Bullet Train Facts

Shanghai - Xi'an High-Speed Train Schedule

Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Xian North Station
Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G1970 6:10 13:27 7h 17m
G1802 6:15 13:53 7h 38m
G3176 6:32 14:42 8h 10m
G3180 6:41 14:47 8h 6m
G1974 7:17 14:30 7h 13m
G3288 7:49 15:52 8h 3m
G3292 8:24 16:55 8h 31m
G360 8:55 14:34 5h 39m
G1920 9:20 16:39 7h 19m
G3164 9:38 17:48 8h 10m
G3174 10:15 18:12 7h 57m
G3284 10:36 19:32 8h 56m
G1924 11:29 18:55 7h 26m
G3152 11:34 20:30 8h 56m
G1928 12:36 19:48 7h 12m
G1932 13:38 20:40 7h 2m
G3296 13:58 21:52 7h 54m
G1936 16:09 22:46 6h 37m
G1940 17:07 23:22 6h 15m

The schedules are subject to change without prior official notice. For real-time information, please visit China Train.

Xi'an - Shanghai Bullet Train Schedule

Xian North Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Station
Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G1914 6:19 13:23 7h 4m
G3154 8:46 16:54 8h 8m
G362 8:52 15:06 6h 14m
G3298 9:27 17:39 8h 12m
G1918 9:38 16:43 7h 5m
G3172 10:25 19:15 8h 50m
G1922 10:40 18:06 7h 26m
G1820 11:09 18:17 7h 8m
G3286 11:41 19:41 8h 0m
G3166 11:47 20:14 8h 27m
G1926 12:09 19:10 7h 1m
G3294 12:48 21:10 8h 22m
G3178 13:47 22:26 8h 39m
G1972 14:06 21:32 7h 26m
G3182 14:36 22:18 7h 42m
G3290 14:46 22:48 8h 2m
G1976 15:04 22:32 7h 28m
G1938 15:39 21:23 5h 44m
G1942 16:00 23:43 7h 43m

The schedules are subject to change without prior official notice. For real-time information, please visit China Train.

Shanghai - Xi'an Bullet Train Ticket Prices

Seat Classes Ticket Price
Second-class Seat RMB725 (USD104)
First-class Seat RMB1160.5 (USD166)
Business-class Seat RMB2405.5 (USD344)

Shanghai - Xi'an Overnight Train

Shanghai to Xi'an Overnight Train Schedule

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
K2186 8:57 05:37+1d 20h 40m
K360 9:29 06:19+1d 20h 50m
K4916 11:46 11:09+1d 23h 23m
Z376 13:55 04:53+1d 14h 58m
Z252 14:13 05:26+1d 15h 13m
T116 15:38 08:30+1d 16h 52m
K560 15:52 12:43+1d 20h 51m
Z40 16:48 08:17+1d 15h 29m
Z304 17:46 08:43+1d 14h 57m
Z92 18:19 09:01+1d 14h 42m
Z164 18:33 09:20+1d 14h 47m
Z4282 19:27 14:45+1d 19h 18m
Z216 20:02 11:03+1d 15h 1m
K4796 23:55 22:40+1d 22h 45m

Note: +1 means the train arrives the next day.

Xi'an to Shanghai Overnight Train Schedule

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
K4918 6:03 05:52+1d 23h 49m
K2188 8:34 05:32+1d 20h 58m
K362 10:17 05:22+1d 19h 5m
Z4284 15:50 08:20+1d 16h 30m
Z94 16:45 07:52+1d 15h 7m
K558 17:12 14:12+1d 21h 0m
T118 19:55 13:26+1d 17h 31m
K4798 20:40 17:53+1d 21h 13m
Z166 20:54 11:55+1d 15h 1m
Z378 21:00 12:01+1d 15h 1m
Z254 21:14 12:22+1d 15h 8m
Z42 21:28 12:07+1d 14h 39m
Z306 21:40 12:48+1d 15h 8m
Z218 23:47 14:52+1d 15h 5m

Note: +1 means the train arrives the next day.

Shanghai - Xian Overnight Train Ticket Price

Hard Seat Hard Sleeper Soft Sleeper
RMB180.5 (USD) RMB310.5 (USD) RMB488.5 (USD)

Shanghai - Xi'an Train Types

Traveling between Shanghai and Xi’an, there are several types of trains available. These are G Trains, Z Trains, T Trains, and K Trains.

G Trains

G trains, known as High-Speed Trains, are the fastest and the most modern trains in China. The bullet train trip from Shanghai to Xi’an takes 6-8 hours, at a top speed of over 300 km/h.

Z Trains

Z trains, known as Direct Express Trains, are non-stop services or have few stops only. They provide faster services compared to T and K trains. The Z-train trip from Shanghai to Xi’an generally takes around 15 hours, with a top speed of about 160 km/h.

T Trains

T trains are express trains, providing both seat and sleeper options and being equipped with air conditioning. Shanghai to Xi’an by T train usually takes around 17.5 hours.

K Trains

K trains have the most stops along the route. Its top speed is no more than 120 km/h. A trip from Shanghai to Xi'an on a K train takes about 19-24 hours.

How to Book Shanghai - Xi'an Train Tickets

There are three main ways you can book train tickets from Shanghai to Xi'an:

Book Train Tickets with us (Highly Recommended)

China Travel Train Booking offers 24/7 English-speaking personalized service for all your booking needs. This allows for individual attention and flexibility to handle emergency changes and customize solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Our team endeavors to make your train travel smooth!

Book Train Tickets through China Rail Official Website

You can consider using the 12306 China Rail official website if you want to save the service fee charged by travel agencies. However, it may require significant effort to handle ticket changes or cancellations on your own.

Note: The official website offers ticket sales services only between 5:00 AM and 11:00 PM, however, the ticket search function remains accessible 24/7.

Book Train Tickets at Train Stations

Buying tickets directly at the train station ticket windows is another option. Nevertheless, this method requires lining up and can pose a considerable challenge as the train station staff may not speak English.

Shanghai to Xi'an, by Train or Plane?

Choosing a flight could be more suitable for those who prioritize time efficiency and can accept a higher cost. However, you may need to consider potential occasional delays.

High-speed train travel may be a better fit for travelers valuing cost-effectiveness and punctuality.

  High-speed Train Flight
Tickets Price RMB725 (USD104) for second class;
RMB1160.5 (USD166) for first class
RMB2210 (USD316) for economic class;
RMB1000 (USD143) for discount tickets
Duration 6~8 hours 2.5~3 hours
Total Travel Time 8~10 hours 7 hours
Punctuality Typically punctual May have occasional delays
Frequency Over 15 trains per day Over 25 flights per day

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