Hong Kong - Shanghai High-Speed Train

Written by Sally Guo Updated Oct. 31, 2023

High-speed trains G99/G100 link Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Station daily, and the journey takes 8 hours. The ticket price for a second-class seat is CNY894 (US$128), a first-class seat is CNY1,452.5 (US$208), and a business-class seat is CNY2856.5 (US$408).

Hongkong to Shanghai train map
Hongkong to Shanghai train map

Hong Kong - Shanghai High-Speed Train Facts

Second class on Hong Kong High Speed Rail
Second class on Hong Kong High-Speed Rail

Hong Kong to Shanghai High-Speed Train Schedule

Train Number Stations  Departure - Arrival Time Duration
G100 HK West Kowloon - Shanghai Hongqiao 11:36 - 19:25 7h 49m

Hong Kong to Shanghai High-speed Train Time

   Train G100: Hong Kong West Kowloon to Shanghai Hongqiao
Station Name  Arrival Time  Departure Time
Hong Kong West Kowloon   11:36
Shenzhen North 11:54 11:59
Huizhou North 12:26 12:28
Heyuan East 12:47 12:49
Ganzhou West 13:59 14:03
Nanchang West 15:41 16:01
Shangrao 17:00 17:02
Jinhua 17:47 17:49
Hangzhou East 18:35 18:38
Shanghai Hongqiao 19:25  

Shanghai to Hong Kong High-Speed Train Schedule

Train Number Stations  Departure - Arrival Time Duration
G99 Shanghai Hongqiao - HK West Kowloon 14:09 - 22:02 7h 53m

Shanghai to Hong Kong High-speed Train Time

   Train G99: Shanghai Hongqiao to Hong Kong West Kowloon
Station Name  Arrival Time  Departure Time
Shanghai Hongqiao   14:09
Hangzhou East 14:57 15:01
Jinhua 15:45 15:48
Nanchangxi 17:32 17:52
Ganzhou West 19:29 19:32
Huizhou North 20:51 20:53
 Gongguan South 21:10 21:12
Guangmingcheng 21:21 21:23
Shenzhen North 21:39 21:44
Hong Kong West Kowloon 22:02  

Hong Kong - Shanghai High-Speed Train Ticket Price

The following fares are for one-way journeys per adult. 

Class of the Seat Ticket Price
Second-class Seat CNY894 (US$128)
First-class Seat CNY1,452.5 (US$204)
Business-class Seat CNY2856.5 (US$408)

Children's Ticket

1. Children between the ages of 6 and under 14 can get a child discount ticket, which costs about half of the adult fare. Children aged 14 and above must buy a full-priced ticket as an adult.

2. Each adult can travel with one child under 6 years old who does not occupy a separate seat, free of charge. If there is more than one such child, the excess should be purchased child discount tickets.

3. Children's ages are calculated based on the travel date. 

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

How to Buy Hong Kong - Shanghai Train Tickets

You can purchase high-speed train tickets online 15 days in advance in the following ways:

1. Book Train Tickets with us (Highly Recommended)

China Travel Train Booking offers 24/7 English-speaking personalized service for all your booking needs. This allows individual attention and flexibility to handle emergency changes and customize solutions to meet your unique requirements.

2. Book Train Tickets through China Rail Official Website

You can consider using the 12306 China Rail official website to save the service fee charged by travel agencies. However, handling ticket changes or cancellations on your own may require significant effort.

Note: The official 12306.cn website offers ticket sales services only between 5:00 AM and 11:00 PM; however, the ticket search function remains accessible 24/7.

3. Book Train Tickets at Train Stations

Another option is to buy tickets directly at the train station ticket windows. Nevertheless, this method requires lining up and can pose a considerable challenge, as the train station staff may not speak English.

Transfer via Guangzhou/Shenzhen for More High-Speed Trains

There is just one direct train connecting Hong Kong and Shanghai each day. What if the G100/G99 trains are fully booked? Is there any other option by train?

Yes, you can transit in Guangzhou or Shenzhen first and then take a connecting high-speed train to Shanghai/Hong Kong.

Hong Kong to Shanghai via Guangzhou

HK West Kowloon to Guangzhou South Guangzhou South to Shanghai Hongqiao Overall Duration Ticket Price (2nd Class)
G320 (11:55 - 12:53) G1302 (13:22 - 21:51) 9h 56m CNY215 + CNY793 =
CNY1,008 ≈ US$144
G6536 (13:45 - 14:59) G1306 (15:38 - 23:04) 9h 19m

Hong Kong to Shanghai via Shenzhen

HK West Kowloon to Shenzhen North Shenzhen North to Shanghai Overall Duration Ticket Price (2nd Class)
G5632 (12:16 - 12:34) G2786 (13:10 - 22:59) 10h 45m CNY75 + CNY846.5 =
CNY921.5 ≈ US$132

Shanghai to Hong Kong via Guangzhou

Shanghai Hongqiao to Guangzhou South Guangzhou South to HK West Kowloon Overall Duration Ticket Fare (2nd Class)
G817 (08:00 - 14:56) G6537 (15:27 - 16:36) 8h 36m CNY793 + CNY215 =
CNY1,008 ≈ US$144
G1301 (10:18 - 18:45) G6509 (20:26 - 21:23) 11h 5m

Shanghai to Hong Kong via Shenzhen

Shanghai to Shenzhen Shenzhen to Hong Kong Overall Duration Ticket Fare (2nd Class)
G2784 (06:55-17:02) G6559 (17:43 - 18:02) 11h 7m CNY883.5 + CNY75 =
CNY958.5 ≈ US$137
D2289 (09:01-20:22) G6509 (21:05-21:23) 12h 22m CNY609 + CNY75 = 
CNY684 ≈ US$98

Hong Kong - Shanghai: Train vs Flight

  High-Speed Train Airplane
Ticket Price US$128 for second class;
US$204 for first class
US$120~US$400 for economy class
Duration 8 hours 2.5-3 hours
Frequency Only 1 high-speed rail per day about 20 flights per day
Punctuality Punctual Occasional delays

If you travel on a tight schedule, taking a flight must be your best choice. Sometimes, the flight can be an efficient option with a special discount.

Taking a fast train is quite good if you prefer to travel via train and have a limited budget.

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