Shanghai - Yiwu Bullet Train: Time, Ticket Price, Booking

Written by Sally Guo Updated Oct. 31, 2023

Shanghai-Yiwu High-speed Railway covers the 270-kilometer distance between Shanghai and Yiwu. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours from Shanghai to Yiwu by bullet train.

Departing from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and ending at Ningbo Railway Station, it stops at locations like Jiaxing, Tongxiang, Linping, and Hangzhou. It costs USD18 for a second-class seat.

Shanghai - Yiwu Bullet Train Facts 

Shanghai to Yiwu Bullet Train Time

Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Yiwu Railway Station
Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G4917 5:44 7:08 1h 24m
G7331 6:15 7:53 1h 38m
G7333 6:20 8:03 1h 43m
G1383 6:42 8:16 1h 34m
G1651 6:52 8:38 1h 46m
G2365 7:09 8:52 1h 43m
G1371 7:22 8:57 1h 35m
G2189 7:28 9:06 1h 38m
G1505 7:53 9:49 1h 56m
G1337 8:22 10:05 1h 43m
G7325 8:24 10:37 2h 13m
G1655 9:22 10:55 1h 33m
G1377 9:30 11:07 1h 37m
G1347 9:50 11:24 1h 34m
G2193 10:48 12:21 1h 33m
G1375 11:11 12:46 1h 35m
G1333 11:44 13:18 1h 34m
G1387 12:20 13:55 1h 35m
G1471 12:23 14:06 1h 43m
G7335 12:27 14:16 1h 49m
G1369 12:41 14:31 1h 50m
G1389 13:07 14:36 1h 29m
G2141 13:47 15:23 1h 36m
G1637 15:11 16:55 1h 44m
G1305 (fastest) 15:25 16:45 1h 20m
G7337 15:32 17:06 1h 34m
G1385 16:59 18:36 1h 37m
G1363 17:09 18:53 1h 44m
G1455 17:44 19:20 1h 36m
G7371 18:08 20:01 1h 53m
G1395 18:28 20:05 1h 37m
G7339 18:35 20:10 1h 35m
G1227 18:51 20:20 1h 29m
G7399 20:53 22:32 1h 39m
G7383 21:18 22:52 1h 34m

Yiwu to Shanghai Bullet Train Schedule

Yiwu Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Station
Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G7492 6:58 9:09 2h 11m
G7382 8:02 9:53 1h 51m
G7524 8:51 10:49 1h 58m
G1228 9:27 11:08 1h 41m
G7332 10:13 11:46 1h 33m
G7348 12:25 14:03 1h 38m
G7334 13:15 15:08 1h 53m
G1352 14:32 16:06 1h 34m
G7376 15:05 16:33 1h 28m
G1638 15:45 17:22 1h 37m
G1322 16:40 18:22 1h 42m
G1378 17:53 19:20 1h 27m
G1654 18:51 20:25 1h 34m
G1334 19:14 20:55 1h 41m
G7338 19:45 21:29 1h 44m
G1394 20:44 22:10 1h 26m
G1658 21:17 22:45 1h 28m
G1376 21:28 22:54 1h 26m
G7462 (fastest) 21:38 23:00 1h 22m
G1472 21:49 23:12 1h 23m

Shanghai - Yiwu Bullet Train Ticket Prices

Seat Classes Ticket Price
Second-class Seat RMB123 (USD18)
First-class Seat RMB201.5 (USD29)
Business-class Seat RMB377.5 (USD54)

How to Book Shanghai - Yiwu Bullet Train Tickets

There are three main ways you can book bullet train tickets from Shanghai to Yiwu:

Book Train Tickets with China Travel (Highly Recommended)

China Travel Train Booking offers 24/7 English-speaking personalized service for all your booking needs. This allows for individual attention and flexibility to handle emergency changes and customize solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Our team endeavors to make your train travel smooth!

Book Train Tickets through China Rail Official Website

You can consider using the 12306 China Rail official website if you want to save the service fee charged by travel agencies. However, it may require significant effort to handle ticket changes or cancellations on your own.

Note: The official website offers ticket sales services only between 5:00 AM and 11:00 PM, however, the ticket search function remains accessible 24/7.

Book Train Tickets at Train Stations

Buying tickets directly at the train station ticket windows is another option. Nevertheless, this method requires lining up and can pose a considerable challenge as the train station staff may not speak English.

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