Chinese New Year Greetings/11 Popular Wishes 2022

 Do you know any traditional sayings for the Chinese New Year? Here are some simple but practical Chinese New Year greetings and wishes for 2022. Learn the best sayings with us and say some of them to your family and friends!

How to Say Happy New Year In Chinese 2022

Chinese New Year greetings in Mandarin and Cantonese pronounce totally different, even though they share the same meanings and characters. There are three ways to say “Happy Chinese New Year” in Chinese. 

English Chinese In Mandarin In Cantonese
Happy New Year! 新年快乐! xīn nián kuài lè  san1 nin4 faai3 lok6 
新年好! xīn nián hǎo  san1 nin4 hou2 
过年好! guò nián hǎo  gwo3 nin4 hou2 
More Popular Ways to Say Happy New Year in Chinese

Popular Chinese New Year Sayings 2022

Among the numerous Chinese New Year greeting phrases, some are simple but with people’s most common wishes. Below are the most popular lucky phrases to say on Chinese New Year 2022, the year of the Tiger:

1. Happy Chinese New Year

2. Happy Spring Festival

3. Happy the Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger 2022 Greeting
Chinese New Year greeting 2022, year of the tiger

5.  Wishing You the Fullness of the Vigor and Vitality of the Tiger 

6. Wishing You Happiness and Prosperity

7.  Wish You Good Luck

8. May All Your Wishes Come True

9. May all go well with you!

10.  Happiness for the whole family!

11. Wish You Good Luck in the Year of the Tiger

Best Chinese New Year Wishes for Business

1. May You be Prosperous

2. Wishing You Plenty of Money!

3. Wishing You a Prosperous Business!

4. May Your Work Goes Smoothly!

5. Wishing You Great Success in Your Career!

Chinese New Year Wishes for Business
Chinese New Year Wishes for Business: kung hei fat choi

Popular Chinese New Year Greetings for Family

1. Wish you a happy family life!

2. Wish Your Family Have a Happily Reunion

3. Wish You and Your Family All the Best

Best New Year Greeting Phrases for Study

1. Wish you good progress in your study

2. Wish You Academic Success!

3. Wish You Success in the Examination!

It is a tradition for Chinese people to greet with best wishes during Chinese New Year, which shows their joy and love to each other. The Chinese New Year 2022 is coming, why not say “Xin Nian Kuai Le” loudly to the one around you!

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