How to Say Happy New Year in Chinese and Cantonese

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Mar. 15, 2023

Chinese New Year is coming. The simplest way to greet your friends is Happy New Year! There are several different sayings for Happy New Year Year in Chinese, and Cantonese. Here are the most popular sayings for Happy New Year in both Chinese characters and Pinyin.

6 Most Popular Ways to Say Happy New Year

These are the most popular Chinese sayings to wish somebody a Happy New Year.

Chinese New Year Greeting Card

1. 新年好 - Happy New Year

2. 新年快乐 - Wish You Happiness in the New Year

3.  过年好 - Happy Lunar New Year

4.  新春吉祥 - Good Luck in the New Year

5.  新春快乐 - Happy Chinese Spring Festival

6.  恭喜发财 - Hope You Get Rich

How to Say Happy Near Year  2023, Year of the Rabbit

2023 is the year of the rabbit. The best ways to wish someone Happy the Year of the Rabbit are as follows:

1. 兔年快乐 - Happy the Year of the Rabbit.

Happy Year of the Rabbit

2. 兔年大吉 - Wishing you good luck for the Year of the Rabbit.

3. 玉兔迎春 - The Lucky Rabbit welcomes a brand New Year.

4. 福兔迎祥 - The Rabbit jumps and calls for a lucky New Year.

5.  前“兔”似锦 - Wishing the lucky Rabbit brings you a good harvest.

Chinese New Year Greeting 2023

6. 大展宏“兔” - Wishing things go as you planned in the Rabbit Year.

7. 兔年行大运 - Wishing you lots of luck for the Rabbit Year.

Chinese New Year 2023 Greeting

8. 兔年兴旺 - Wishing you a prosperous year of the Rabbit.

Now you have learned. The Chinese New Year is almost coming. Going to wish your Chinese friends" Happy Chinese New Year" with these sayings.

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