>Chinese New Year for Kids - 10 Exciting Facts and Interesting Celebrations

Written by Matteo Updated Jan. 12, 2024

The most fun Chinese New Year facts for kids are as follows:

10 Exciting Chinese New Year Facts for Kids

1. Chinese New Year is a time to reunite with family members.

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is an important festival in China. Its dates are different every year but almost fall in January or February. Spring Festival is a time to reunite with family members. One of the indispensable parts of this festival are reunion dinner when people sit around a table taste delicious food and watch the Chinese New Year Gala.

2. Lucky Chinese New Year Foods are abundant on the table.


Chinese New Year foods can bring good luck to people in the coming year. The lucky foods include fish, chicken, port, Tangyuan, Jiaozi, and so on.

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3. There is a monster in Chinese New Year.

the monster, also known as Nian
Children light off firecrackers to scare away the Monster (Nian).

It said that there was a horrible monster Nian. It comes every New Year to destroy cops and even capture children. People were frightened to hide in their homes, but later they discovered this monster was afraid of red color and loud noise. Therefore, people paste Spring Festival couplets and set off fireworks during the Chinese New Year.

4. Chinese New Year is also called Lunar New Year.

Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year are the same festival in China. Besides, the Spring Festival is based on the lunar calendar.

5. Chinese Zodiac signs are different every year.

Chinese Zodiac Signs
The first animal sign is the Rat, and the last one is the Pig. 2032 will be the Year of the Rat.

Chinese zodiac signs change every year according to the Chinese zodiac cycle. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. There are 12 Chinese zodiac signs: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

6. People say Gong Xi Fa Cai to each other.

In addition to Happy New Year, gong xi fa cai is a popular greeting in the Chinese New Year. Its English version is wishing you prosperity.

7. Chinese People pay much attention to Chinese New Year traditions.

chinese new year facts for kids
Clean houses during the Spring Festival.

During the Chinese New Year, people usually clean their houses to welcome the New Year. The old Spring Festival couplets should be changed into a new one at that time. Meanwhile, they prepare many delicious foods to honor their ancestors.

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8. Chinese New Year celebration lasts about two weeks.

The Chinese New Year starts from the first day of the lunar calendar and ends in the Lantern Festival.

9. 1/5 population around the world celebrates the Chinese New Year.

The Spring Festival is celebrated by all the Chinese both in China and in the whole world.

10. Something is not allowed in the Chinese New Year.

There are many things you should not do during the Spring Festival because they may bring bad luck to you in the New Year, such as killing, sweeping, breaking, haircut and so on.

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Popular Chinese New Year Celebrations for Kids

Chinese New Year is a delightful moment for Children. They can receive lucky items from seniors, such as red envelopes, new dressings and snacks.

1. Receiving Red Envelopes From Elders.

chinese new year facts for kids
Children receive red envelopes from their families.

The red envelopes are usually handed out by elders in the family, often grandparents, to their children and grandchildren. The envelopes contain a sum of money that depends on the family's financial situation and the relationship between the giver and the recipient.

2. Obtaining Chinese New Year Gifts.

During the Spring Festival, parents will bring their kids to visit their grandparents on the second day of the Lunar New Year. Grandparents send their grandchildren Chinese New Year gifts for good luck in the new year. The gifts usually are stationery, clothes or shoes.

3. Have a Holiday for a Month.

Kids in China have a long holiday for a month after the autumn semester at school. They can experience a whole Chinese New Year from Little New Year to Lantern Festival.

4. Wearing New Clothes in the Chinese New Year.

The design for Chinese New Year clothes is rich. Bright colors like red and gold are considered auspicious, as they represent good luck. People believe that red can ward off bad luck, so this color is popular in Chinese New Year.

5. Setting off Fireworks During the Spring Festival.

chinese new year facts for kids
Children set off firecrackers in front of the house.

The market has fireworks only for children. The sound and color of the fireworks make the children excited and happy. But kids are not allowed to set off fireworks by themselves, so parents should accompany them at that time for safety.

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