7 Useful Tips for Traveling in China during Mid-Autumn Festival

Written by Sally Guo Updated Apr. 8, 2021

China is like a beautiful and colorful picture in autumn. Are you attracted by the graceful Mid-Autumn Festival and the great autumn scenery in China? Here we listed 7 useful tips for traveling in China during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

1. Book Transport and Accommodation in Advance

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month every year. Its date usually occurs between early September and early October, which is one of the best times to visit China.

During the 3-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, lots of people take a short trip with their families or friends. So booking a hotel and train or flight tickets can be very difficult.

If you plan to travel to China during this time, it's better to have all reservations done in advance. If you do not like large crowds or queues, it may be best to reschedule your travel plan or contact a professional travel agency for help, like China Travel.

2. Buy Some Authentic Festival Souvenirs and Gifts

Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival in China, and it is well known worldwide. If you travel to China during this period, why don't you buy some local souvenirs or gifts?

The most recommended gift is a delicious moon cake. Shaped like the round moon and stuffed with various ingredients, the moon cake is a must-eat food at the Mid-Autumn Festival. It symbolizes the full moon and people's desires for happiness and family reunions.

Besides moon cakes, Osmanthus food such as Osmanthus jelly, Osmanthus wine, and Osmanthus flower tea is a good option.

Osmanthus flowers are in full bloom in September and October. Chinese people like to use these sweet, fragrant flowers to make traditional Chinese food.

If you prefer to buy some other interesting souvenirs instead of food, buying Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns as gifts is highly recommended.

Lanterns play an important role in the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. People like to hang up colorful lanterns during the day and light the Kongming lantern (sky lantern) in the evening.

3. Experience Some Festival Activities

As the second important festival in China, lots of activities take during the Moon Festival. It's a good time to experience some when traveling. The most common ones are eating moon cakes and admiring the moon.

Making colorful lanterns or launching sky lanterns is a happy activity between families and children. This festival also comes with marvelous lantern displays and a fun riddle game.

When traveling, it's possible to experience various traditions in different places. Such as watching the fire dragon dance in Hong Kong and watching tidal bore in the Qiantang River.

Read the Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions to know more about activities.

4. Go to the Best Places for Admiring the Moon

One of the most common traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival is gazing at the moon. Where is the best place to admire the full moon?

One of the best places is usually climbing to the high places, like the roof and the top of a mountain. For example, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai.

The other one is walking by a lake to enjoy the moon and the beautiful reflection of the moon. Such as Beihai Park in Beijing, West Lake in Hangzhou, and Elephant Trunk Hill at the bank of Guilin Li River.

 5. Pack According to Wide Weather Variations

Early September to early October is one of the best times to visit China. The weather is most comfortable at most tourist destinations in China. However, China is a big country, the weather varies a lot from region to region.

If traveling in the north of China during mid-autumn, you are advised to bring sweaters and even long-sleeved coats, the temperature difference between day and night is substantial.

If traveling in central China, long-sleeved coats and pants are suitable. The weather is warm in the day but will become cooler in the evening.

For the south of China, due to the generally warm weather, you'll only need shorts and short-sleeved shirts. There may be some rainfall in some areas, thus an umbrella may come in useful.

6. Be Careful of Poisonous Snakes and Insects Outdoors

Travelers who enjoy natural beauty should be careful of snakes during this holiday time, they frequently emerge in autumn. Snakes like to lurk in dense bush, grasslands, narrow stone crevices, or by the river. If you touch them inadvertently, they will attack you.

Be extremely careful when you pass through areas where snakes commonly reside. If you are attacked by a poisonous snake, squeeze out the venom and go immediately to a doctor.

Autumn is also a favorite time for insects to come out and deliver bites that may burn or itch afterward; another reason why keeping covered with long sleeves is a good idea.

7. Be Careful of Pollen Allergies

In autumn, some allergic reactions or respiratory illnesses may be caused by the pollen of flowers and other plants. There are over 200 kinds of pollen that can induce illnesses such as allergies, bronchial asthma, rhinitis, pharyngitis, headaches, dizziness, and hypertension.

Thus, when traveling in nature around the time of the Mid-Autumn Festival, pay careful attention to the pollen count. Do not pick unknown wildflowers, and if you are highly allergic to pollen, you'd better bring a respirator.

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