Traditional Chinese Medicine

Written by Matteo Updated Jun. 24, 2021

Chinese traditional medicine has a great variety of complicated names, which are related to the change of era and the difference in places. On the whole, the naming of Chinese traditional medicine is mostly according to the place of origin, performance, growth character, shape, smell, the part used as medicine, and the name of the discoverer, etc.

In the processing of medication, the exertion of the efficiency of medication is, first of all, determined by the function of the medication itself. Secondly, it also has a direct relationship with the means of processing. Processed Chinese traditional medicine is better for the exertion of the efficiency of the medicine and can reduce the irritation and toxicity of the medicine. Sometimes it can also increase and change the performance and better meet clinical requirements. The ways of processing can generally be divided into four categories, ordinary processing, water processing, fire processing, and water and fire processing.


Four natures: they refer to cold, hot, warm, and cool, the four different natures of medicines observed and generalized in the long-term practice of medical treatment.

Five flavors: they refer to the five flavors of sourness, bitterness, sweetness, spiciness, and saltiness. Different flavors of medicines mean different functions.

Channel Tropism: It is the optional function of medicines and also the rule of using Chinese traditional medicine. When using medicines clinically, first identify the viscera, bowels, and channels where the pathological changes occur and then select corresponding medication to treat the disease.

Ascending, descending, floating, and sinking: they are tendencies of medication in the therapeutic effect.

Combination: It refers to combining more than two medicines optionally in the application according to the requirements of the state of disease and the performance of medication. The felicity of combination has a direct influence on the curative effect.

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