Shanghai Metro/Subway: Map, Lines, Tickets

Written by Sally Guo Updated Oct. 31, 2023

Shanghai Metro (Shanghai Subway) currently operates 20 lines and 508 stations, covering a total distance of 831 kilometers (516 miles). It is still expanding. The most recent expansion (Line 18) came into effect on December 30, 2021.

Shanghai Metro boasts the world's longest urban rail transit system in terms of total route length. Over 60% of Shanghai Metro operates underground. Taking the subway is the fastest and most economical way to travel around Shanghai. This article will introduce the Shanghai Metro with some useful travel information.

Shanghai Metro Map

Shanghai Metro Map

Shanghai Metro Lines - Stations & Opening Hours

Shanghai Metro has 20 lines (including the Pujiang Line and Maglev Line) and 508 stations. Most lines operate from around 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., serving millions of commuters daily.

From April 28th, 2023, Lines 1, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 13, a total of 6 lines, offer extended operating hours on weekends (Friday and Saturday).

Metro Line 1 (Xinzhuang - Fujin Rd.)

Built in 1993, Line 1 is the first metro line in Shanghai. It passes through the old Shanghai downtown.

Tourists can get to People’s Square (near Shanghai Museum), Hengshan Road (Former French Concession), Shanghai Railway Station, and Shanghai South Railway Station by Line 1.

Metro Line 2 (East Xujing - Pudong Airport)

Shanghai Metro Line 2 is the busiest line and the first line that crosses the Huangpu River. Starting at East Xujing and ending at Pudong Airport, Line 2 has many interchange stations, linking different subway lines seamlessly.

Tourists can get to People’s Square (near Shanghai Museum), Nanjing Road, Hongqiao Railway Station, Lujiazui (near Shanghai Tower & Oriental Pearl Tower), Longyang Road (Maglev Train Station), and Pudong Airport by Line 2.

Metro Line 3 (Shanghai South Railway Station - North Jiangyang Rd.)

Shanghai Metro Line 3, once nicknamed "Pearl Line," is mainly elevated or at ground level, with only one underground station. It is hard to distinguish whether it's a subway or a light rail.

Tourists can get to Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai South Railway Station by Line 3.

Metro Line 4 (Loop Line)

Metro Line 4 is the only circular rail line in Shanghai.

Tourists can get to Shanghai Railway Station, Pudong Avenue (near Shanghai Tower & Oriental Pearl Tower) by Line 4.

Metro Line 5 (Xizhuang - Fengxian Xincheng or Minhang Development Zone)

Metro Line 5 is the first true light rail in Shanghai. However, it doesn't pass through typical tourist attractions.

Metro Line 6 (Oriental Sports Center - Gangcheng Rd.)

Shanghai Metro Line 6 is the first subway fully operating in Pudong. However, it doesn't pass through typical tourist attractions.

Metro Line 7 (Huamu Rd. - Meilan Lake)

Launched during the World Expo, Shanghai Metro Line 7 played a vital role in handling Expo visitors.

Tourists can get to Jing’an Temole and Longyang Road (Maglev Train Station) by Line 7.

Metro Line 8 (Shendu Highway - Shiguang Rd.)

Shanghai Metro Line 8, also known as Yangpu Line, connects Yangpu to Minhang, running north to south.

Tourists can get to People’s Square (near the Shanghai Museum) by Line 8.

Metro Line 9 (Songjiang South Railway Station - Caolu)

Shanghai Metro Line 9, also known as Shensong Line, links Songjiang to Pudong, running east to west.

Tourists can get to Madang Road (Former French Concession) by Line 9.

Metro Line 10 (Jilong Rd. - Hongqiao Railway Station or Hangzhong Rd.)

Crossing Shanghai from west to northeast, Line 10 links Hongqiao Transport Hub and various commercial centers. About 2/3 of the line runs through the city center, making it the second "golden route" after Line 1.

Tourists can get to Hongqiao Airport, Hongqiao Railway Station, Xintiandi, Yuyuan Garden, and Nanjing Road by Line 10.

Metro Line 11 (North Jiading or Huaqiao - Disney Resort)

Shanghai Metro Line 11 connects Shanghai Pudong to Suzhou Kunshan. It's the world's longest single-line metro route and China's first inter-provincial rail line.

Tourists can get to Disneyland by Line 11.

Metro Line 12 (Qixin Rd. - Jinhai Rd.)

Shanghai Metro Line 12 connects Pudong to Minhang, running east-west.

Tourists can get to the International Cruise Terminal (Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal) by Line 12.

Metro Line 13 (Jinyun Rd. - Zhangjiang Rd.)

Line 13, also known as the Expo Line, started operation on April 20, 2010, exclusively for the World Expo. After the event, it was suspended and resumed service on December 30, 2012.

Tourists can get to Nanjing Road, Xintiandi, and Madang Road (Former French Concession) by Line 13.

Metro Line 14 (Fengbang - Guiqiao Rd.)

Opened on December 30, 2021, Line 14 is the last planned subway line crossing the city center.

Tourists can get to Yuyuan Garden and Lujiazui (near Shanghai Tower & Oriental Pearl Tower) by Line 14.

Metro Line 15 (Gucun Park - Zizhu Hi-tech Park)

Line 15 is a north-south radial line in the western part of Shanghai, equipped with the highest-level GoA4 automatic driving function.

Tourists can get to Shanghai South Railway Station by Line 15.

Metro Line 16 (Longyang Rd. - Dishui Lake)

Tourists can get to Longyang Road (Maglev Train Station) by Line 16.

Metro Line 17 (Hongqiao Railway Station - Oriental Land)

Line 17 connects Minhang to Qingpu, running east-west.

Tourists can get to Hongqiao Railway Station and Zhujiajiao by Line 17.

Metro Line 18 (Hangtou - South Changjiang Rd.)

Line 18 is a north-south subway line, linking Baoshan to Pudong in Shanghai. 

Tourists can get to Longyang Road (Maglev Train Station) by Line 18.

Pujiang Line (Shendu Highway - Huizhen Rd.)

Pujiang Line is the extension of Shanghai Metro Line 8, it does not pass the city center.

Jinshan Line (Shanghai South Railway Station - Jinshanwei)

Jinshan Railway refers to the operating system from Shanghai South Station to Jinshanwei Station, with the main component being the Shanghai-Kunming Railway Jinshan Branch Line, connecting Chezhuang Town in Songjiang to Jinshanwei Town in Jinshan District.

Maglev Line (Longyang Rd. - Pudong Airport)

Shanghai Maglev, reaching a top speed of 431km/h, and currently operating at 300km/h, is the world's first and only commercially operated high-speed maglev train line.

Shanghai Metro Cards, Subway Tickets, QR Code

There are dozens of types of Shanghai metro tickets, but tourists mostly use the following types.

Shanghai Subway Tickets

Single Journey Ticket: It is valid for one trip only on the same day and it will be collected upon exit. The single journey ticket cannot be used for transfers between stations. You can buy it based on the distance traveled.

One-Day Pass: It allows unlimited travel on all Shanghai metro lines (except the maglev line) for one person within 24 hours from the first entry. Tickets won't be collected upon exit.

Three-Day Pass: Similar to the one-day pass, but it's valid for 72 hours from the first entry.

Shanghai Metro and Maglev Combined Ticket

Metro and Maglev Combined Ticket allows you to travel on both the metro and maglev lines. It won't be collected upon exit.

Metro and Maglev Single Journey Combined Ticket includes one trip on the metro and one trip on the maglev with unlimited metro rides within 24 hours.

Metro and Maglev Round Trip Combined Ticket includes round trips on the maglev and unlimited metro rides within 24 hours.

Shanghai Metro QR Code

Metro Metropolis is a payment app developed by Shanghai Shentong Metro Group. You can use the QR code in the app to ride the Shanghai metro.

Download the Metro Metropolis app, click the "Ride" button on the homepage, or open the "Shanghai Metro Metropolis QR Code" on Alipay or WeChat Mini Program. Then, you can scan the QR code at the ticket gates for payment and entry.

Shanghai Public Transport Card

It's a stored-value card issued by Shanghai Public Transport Card Co., Ltd. You can also use mobile devices like smartphones or smartwatches with the transport card loaded. It allows you to ride on all Shanghai metro lines, and you can swipe your mobile device at the ticket gates for entry and exit.

Shanghai Metro Fare - How much is the subway ride in Shanghai?

Shanghai Metro currently implements a multi-tier fare system based on the distance traveled.

For distances between 0 km and 6 km, the fare is RMB 3. Beyond 6 km, the fare increases by RMB 1 for every additional 10 km.

The fare is calculated using the shortest route method when determining the distance between two stations. If there are multiple transfer options between two stations, the shortest-distance route will be chosen as the basis for calculating the fare.

Get to Popular Attractions and Traffic Hubs by Metro in Shanghai

The Bund: Take Line 2 or Line 10, and get off at East Nanjing Road Station.

Yu Garden: Take Line 10 or Line 14, and get off at Yuyuan Garden Station.

Xintiandi: Take Line 10 or Line 13, and get off at the Site of the First CPC National Congress·Xintiandi Station.

Tianzifang: Take Line 9 or Line 13, and get off at Madang Road Station.

Shanghai Tower or Oriental Pearl Tower: Take Line 2 or Line 14, and get off at Lujiazui Station.

Shanghai Museum or Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center: Take Line 1, Line 2, or Line 8, and get off at People’s Square Station.

Shanghai Disneyland: Take Line 11, and get off at Disney Resort Station.

Zhujiajiao Water Town: Take Line 17 and leave at Zhujiajiao Station.

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Terminal 1: Take Line 10.

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Terminal 2: Take Line 2 or Line 10.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport: Take the Maglev Train or Metro Line 2.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station: Take Line 2, Line 10, or Line 17.

Shanghai Railway Station: Take Line 1, Line 3, or Line 4.

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