How to Visit Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Written by Vivian Updated Jul. 7, 2021

How to get to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park? How do you get around the park? How many days do you need there? Where should you stay when visiting the park? This article will answer many of the questions you may have before visiting Zhangjiajie National Park.

What to Do in Zhangjiajie Park

what to do Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Area

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park has a lot to do. There are numerous attractions, sights, and some world-record-holding locations. Tianzi mountain can be climbed by foot, or cable car, Gold Whip Stream is a great hiking route for those who want to see the Yuanjiajie Avatar area, and the Ten-Li Gallery is a picturesque image of Zhangjiajie’s stunning scenery.

Best Time to Visit Zhangjiajie National Park

Zhangjiajie Park in October

Zhangjiajie Park in October

Almost everyone asked agrees that spring and autumn are the best times to visit the park. During these transitional seasons, the weather is mild, neither freezing cold nor sweltering, and you can see the misty clouds floating among the jagged peaks.

Summer is the height of the monsoon season, making it difficult to get good views (due to cloudy weather), and difficult to spend much time outside thanks to the rain.

In winter, Zhangjiajie is beautifully covered in snow, but many of the attractions, like the cable car rides, might be shut down due to the weather.

Ticket Prices

The hours of operation for all of the above locations are 08:00-17:00. Ticket prices vary. The main entrance comprehensive ticket includes free rides on the internal bus system and insurance. It is 248 CNY (35.24 $) in the high season (March-November) and 145 CNY (20.61$) in the low season (December-February). The ticket is valid for 4 days.

Individual costs for attractions:

Where to Stay?

The main areas to stay are in downtown Zhangjiajie and Wulingyuan.

Zhangjiajie Hotels Location Map

Zhangjiajie City

Best Western Grand Hotel Zhangjiajie

Best Western Grand Hotel Zhangjiajie

Downtown Zhangjiajie is convenient because it is close to the train station, bus station and airport. It’s great for weary travelers who just got off a long flight or train ride. The city also offers a wider variety of hotels and hostels for various different travelers.

Recommended Zhangjiajie’s City hotels:


Zhangjiajie Pullman Hotel

Zhangjiajie Pullman Hotel

Wulingyuan borders the park, so it’s most convenient for travelers who wish to get straight into the national forest park- and return to their hotel nearby at night.

Recommended Wulingyuan hotels

Where to Eat?

Tianzi Mountain

Tianzi Mountain

Fortunately, there is a modern array of restaurants to pick from in Zhangjiajie City and the nearby parks. Eating local is most recommended, as it provides the most authentic experience, but there are also chain and Western restaurants for tourists who miss home.

A McDonalds is at the base of Tianzi Mountain, in Wulingyuan. All over the Wulingyuan area and in Zhangjiajie city there are local stalls and Hunan barbecue, where you can pick out meat skewers which will be cooked for you over a fire. You can find all kinds of things for low prices and have some authentic Chinese street food.

Tour Guide or No?

This is entirely up to you, some people like the guided experience, some want to explore on their own. Tours are all-inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about nickel-and-dime fees like cable cars, meals, and more. Tour guides in Zhangjiajie can help you see some of the less-famous stuff that you might miss if you just go after doing an internet search and asking people.

Useful Tips for Visiting Zhangjiajie National Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

1. There are 5 ticket offices. The best ones for avoiding crowds are the Yangjiajie entrance and the Tianzi Mountain entrance. But they are both not close to hotels, or the popular Wulingyuan district.

2. The national forest park does not need a passport, but Tianzi Mountain does. If you are traveling internationally, bring your passport anyway.

3. What to pack:

4. Avoiding crowds: Check an online calendar for Chinese holidays- the dates often change because they are based on the lunar calendar. Certainly avoid going during National Holiday (October 1-8), China’s busiest holiday for travel. Also avoid Labor Day (May 1-5).

5. Even if you have a very limited amount of time in China, you should spend at least 2 days. If you have more time, a 4-7-day trip will enable you to see much more.

6. Recommended Travel route/itinerary:

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Map

2 days: 4 days:

How to Get There?

From the Zhangjiajie Bus Station

Buses from the Zhangjiajie Bus Station at the city center to parts of the National forest park are as follows:

From the Airport

Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport

Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport

There is no direct bus from the Airport to the national forest park. You must first take a bus to the Zhangjiajie Bus Station in the city center. You can also take a taxi, which will cost you 20-30 CNY (2.84-4.26$)

A taxi from the airport will cost 100-200 CNY (14.12-28.24$), and take 40 minutes to an hour. Depending on how busy it is, and the time of day.

From the Train Station

You will need to get to the bus station first. From there, you can follow the guidelines listed above. The bus station is just a short, 500 meter or so walk west from the train station- they are adjacent so it should be easy to find.

Private Tour and Transfer

The benefit of a private tour is that all expenses are usually included- meals, accommodation, transportation to-and-from the airport or train station, and an itinerary of places to go in Zhangjiajie. Feel free to contact us and arrange your private tour!

Getting Around the Park

There are 6 shuttle bus routes within the park, the routes are as follows:

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