Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

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Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, located in Minhang District, Shanghai, was opened on July 1, 2010. The Terminal 2 of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport lies to its east. The station serves as a high-speed railway station used by the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway, and Shanghai-Kunming High-Speed Railway.

On average, Shanghai Hongqiao Station sees a daily passenger flow of 170,000 people, with a peak reaching up to 370,000 people. It is a most notable station under the management of the Shanghai Railway Bureau and an integral part of the Hongqiao comprehensive transportation hub. It stands as one of the most important railway passenger hubs in the East China region.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Facts

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Map

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Map
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Map

Shanghai Hongqiao Station adopts a passenger flow in-and-out model, divided into one underground level (B1F Arrival Level), one above-ground level (1F Platform Level), a second above-ground level (2F Departure Level), and a third above-ground level (3F Shopping Level).

Ubiquitous escalators and barrier-free elevators allow passengers to quickly navigate the station, ensuring a seamless experience whether waiting for departure, arriving, or indulging in retail therapy. 

Waiting Area

The station's waiting area spans about 11,340 square meters and can accommodate up to 10,000 people at once. This area is entirely open-plan without separate waiting rooms. 

After entering the station hall, passengers can wait in the designated area, shop at retail outlets, or visit the viewing platform. Passengers can directly enter the station from the elevated platforms to the north and south, and several bus routes, or they can enter the waiting hall from the underground transport interchange hall via escalators.

Ticket checkpoints are primarily situated on both sides of the waiting hall, with the electronic screens above displaying train names and departure times. Passengers can select the appropriate ticket checkpoint based on the information on their tickets.

Subway Station

The subway station is located on the west underground level of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. After arriving at the station aboard Shanghai Metro Lines 2, 10, or 17, passengers exit onto the B1 level. They can then take the escalator to the 2F departure level waiting hall to purchase tickets and wait for their train.

Bus Station

Bus stations are set up at the Hongqiao Hub East Transportation Center, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2, and the Hongqiao Hub West Transportation Center. Passengers can take buses at the bus hub in front of Terminal 2 either through the liaison channel between Shanghai Hongqiao Station and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Terminal 2 or via Metro Line 2. 

Parking Lot

The station's parking garage is located on three underground levels, labeled from top to bottom as BM1, BM2, and B1. Each level has a main passage along its perimeter, which connects to the arrival passages of the train station, with connecting passages between the three levels located in the center.

Transfer Passage

Exit points at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station are located at both ends of the platforms, marked as "Exit (North)" and "Exit (South)". Upon arrival by train, passengers should choose the exit closer to them and descend the stairs to exit the station. 

The station has one transfer passage at the underground level, right beneath the platform with 30 ticket checkpoints on both sides. The channel connects the airport terminal and long-distance bus station, two transportation hubs. Heading east, passengers can reach the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport T2 Terminal and the East Transportation Center. Heading west leads to the long-distance bus station, underground garage, and West Transportation Center. 

The transfer passage houses a metro transfer hall and taxi boarding points and connects to bus stops. The metro transfer hall is on the west side of the passage, and taxi stands are evenly distributed along the passage's exterior. The transfer passage facilitates "zero transfer" between various modes of transportation.

How to Get to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station



Take Line 10 or Line 2 of the subway to Hongqiao Train Station, and walk to the destination. 


There are over 50,000 taxis in Shanghai, and by regulation, drivers must be local Shanghai residents. This makes taxis a very convenient and safe mode of transport.

How to Get to Other Places from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Pudong Airport

Take Shanghai Metro Line 2, take the train with the final stop at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and you can reach it directly without transfer in about 93 minutes. Alternatively, you can take Shanghai Metro Line 2 to Longyang Road Station and transfer to the Maglev train, with the total travel time being less than 1 hour.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao Station is adjacent to Terminal 2 (T2) of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (on the west side). 

Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghainan Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Passenger Transport West Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Passenger Transport West Station (also known as Hongqiao Long-Distance Bus Station) is located on the west side of Shanghai Hongqiao Station, is separated from the B1 floor of Shanghai Hongqiao Station by a corridor, which can be reached by walking.

Booking Train Tickets

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is equipped with self-service facilities such as automated ticket vending machines, automatic ticket-checking systems, and automatic guiding systems. The station has a total of 167 automatic ticket vending and collection machines (located on both the F1 and F2, along with manual service counters), and 196 ticket checking turnstiles, of which 126 are for entry and 70 for exit.

Around the station waiting hall, there are 10 manual ticket offices with a total of 154 windows. Specifically, window No. 32 at ticket office No. 4, window No. 72 at ticket office No. 8, and window No. 89 at ticket office No. 9 are designated for selling student tickets.

Booking By Yourself

You can book your ticket on China Train's official website 12306. com. Be sure your ticket is for the station you want to leave from. Check the name carefully. You could book tickets at the station and at other train stations or at many ticket windows in the city.  See How to Buy Tickets in China.

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