China Travel Restrictions 2023 - Updated Dec. 27, 2022

Written by Apple Updated Dec. 27, 2022

According to the notice issued by the China CDC on December 26:Starting from January 8, 2023, no quarantine anymore for expats come to China from 8th Jan 2023. Read on to know more about 2023 China travel restrictions.

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Will China Open Its Borders In 2022?

According to China travel restrictions 2022, China will still retain its tight border restrictions. Most foreigners are still not allowed to enter China.

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According to the latest policy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Immigration Administration of China, a small group of foreign nationals is allowed to enter the country.

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Who Can Enter China Now?

In order to reduce cross-border transmission of COVID-19, China has temporarily suspended entry by foreign nationals holding valid visas issued before March 28th, 2020. But three groups of foreigners can enter China at this moment:


China’s Travel Restrictions in 2022

In the pandemic period, if you are a Chinese citizen or a foreign national residing in Chinese mainland, you can travel around normally from December of 2022.

Travel Restrictions for Travelers Residing in China

No restrictions on movement or quarantine for travel between different provinces of China now.

Click for more information on China Domestic Travel Restrictions 2022 - Updated Aug.4, 2022.

Tibet Travel Restrictions 2022 - Updated Aug.22, 2022.

Xinjiang Travel Restrictions 2022 - Updated Aug.22, 2022.

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Travel Restrictions for Inbound Travelers

Passengers traveling to China must get their samples for the nucleic acid rt-PCR and IgM serum antibody tests collected at the departure city of their direct flight to China. Upon receiving the reports, passengers need to apply for a health code from the Chinese Embassy or the Consulate-General, travel before it expires, and be prepared for checking by the airlines before boarding.

1. Take 1 negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours before boarding.

2. Fill out a Personal Health Monitoring Form.  

3. Submit 1 negative nucleic acid test certificate, a Personal Health Monitoring Form, and a Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination on the China Health Declaration Certificate website for applying for a health code. If you are fully vaccinated, you should apply for the health code 14 days after the last required shot. 

4. If the result is negative, you will get a Health Declaration Code (HDC) from the website within 3 hours.

Latest Hong Kong Travel Restrictions

Hong Kong will adjust "0+0" restriction policy, no longer require mandatory hotel quarantine or home quarantine for overseas arrivals, from Dec.14.

What are the Requirements to Enter Hong Kong?

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Can Foreign Travelers in Hong Kong Enter the Chinese Mainland?

Yes. Foreign nationals who work in the Chinese Mainland or who need to visit family can apply for a visa to enter the Mainland. Quarantine at a designated hotel is needed depending on different cities' policies. There are 2 ways to get to Chinese mainland from Hong Kong, by land, and by plane

1. By Land - Procedure Required for Hong Kong to Enter the Mainland

Health Station Appointment

There are limited quotes of 2800 reservations per day, and best to make an appointment one week in advance. A green code will be generated on the day of clearance, and a screenshot needs to be saved.

Click here to Make a Health Station Appointment

Black Code

Search for the "海关旅客指尖服务" small program on WeChat, select "Entry Information", and fill in the information to automatically generate, this is valid for 24 hours.

On the day of entry mainland

Inbound passenger track pass, which is only used in the last step of customs clearance. It can be filled in customs.

2. By Plane - How to Book Flight Tickets from Hong Kong to Mainland?

Why is it hard to search for tickets from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland? 

Foreign visitors frequently ask why I cannot or hard to find out flight tickets from Hong Kong to Chinese mainland online. That's because flight tickets from Hong Kong to Chinese mainland are not available every day. Moreover, most flights are chartered and can only be sold offline, during this period. 

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To get more information about flying from Hong Kong to China, please read this article: How to Fly to China - Best Way to Book International Flight tickets to China

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Macao Travel Restrictions

Here are the latest travel restrictions for travelers visiting Macao:

Who Can Enter Macao?

All travelers must have proof of a negative result for the COVID-19 test issued no more than 48 before departure. 

China Travel Restrictions during Coronavirus

China's Current Entry Policy

From Jan 8, 2023, China will no longer require mandatory centralized quarantine or home quarantine any more.

How to Enter China:

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China Travel Restrictions for U.S. Citizens

Travelers from the United States with valid residence permits and visas are allowed to enter China. As of Jan 8, 2023, travelers from the United States and Canada are no longer required to take mandatory quarantine after landing in Chinese mainland.

Travel Restrictions for U.S. Citizens

Are There Any Other Asian Countries Open for Traveling?

It has been about three years since COVID-19 emerged, with almost every country affected by the pandemic. But more countries are deciding to safely reopen their borders to travelers once again, including several Asian countries.

Asian Countries Open for Travel

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What Should I do if COVID-19 Outbreaks during Travel?

1. Stay at your hotel and call your doctor if you feel unwell: Isolate yourself at home if you feel unwell to avoid contact with others; when you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early. Follow the directions of your local health authority.

2. Keep calm: Stay informed on the latest information about COVID-19. Follow the advice given by your healthcare provider, including any restrictions put in place on travel, movement, and gatherings.

Recommended China Tours for Expats

As the policies changed frequently over the course of pandemics, the rules are different from place to place in China to react to the pandemic situation. Plan a tour with a trustful local tour provider will ensure you a safe and pleasant tour, and always get up to date on travel restrictions of the place you travel. 

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