8 Tips for Travel in China National Day Holiday 2023 - Places to Avoid Crowds, Tips before Travel

Written by Vivian Updated Jan. 4, 2023

The 2023 Chinese National Day holiday will begin on October 1 and ends on October 7, many people in China are expected to get over the holiday and travel domestically to China.

For foreigners living in China, it is a great experience to have a long holiday to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to pursue the tranquil natural scenery.

Here are useful travel tips that help you survive when traveling on a hectic national day festival.

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1. Book Hotels and Transportation as Early as Possible

If you have already finalized your travel destination, good to book transportation prior to Golden Week Holiday.

The travel demand increases during National Day, prices for hotels will cost double that of weekdays, and some hot spots' hotels are sold out several weeks ahead of time.

Make a Hotel Reservation at Least a Month Prior to Departure

Wise to make a hotel reservation at least a month before departure time, the prices are cheaper when booked further in advance.

You can book hotels on the apps like Ctrip, elong...or book with a tour agent like us, we will provide you with unbeatable prices as possible as we can.

Arrange Flights & Trains in Advance after You Finalize Your Travel Destination

Pay attention to flight or train tickets in the peak season. The flight ticket is released 60 days prior to departure online, and the train ticket is only available 15 days in advance. Some of the popular train routes sold out in a minute once they open for sale.

Besides, most visitors prefer to depart in the morning rather than in the evening. You can depart on the night before the holiday to avoid rush hours. Tour agents like us accept ticket reservations more than 15 days in advance to ensure your trip is worry-free.

2. A PCR Test No Longer Required

Traveling in China no longer requires people to show a negative PCR test for COVID-19 when entering public places such as airport, train station, subway station, hospital, restaurants and hotels.

In some specific regions: make sure your PCR test results are valid within 48 hours, upon arrival, places like Tibet and Xinjiang are required to check the valid 48 hours of PCR test when arriving at the railway station.

3. Take the Private Tour with a Tour Agent

The safety awareness of people is getting higher when they travel after the epidemic outbreaks, so traveling on a private tour has become the mainstream choice compare to large groups.

Taking a private tour has more advantages in the flexible itinerary, having meals only with your friends or family (do not share with strangers like the join-in group), having a personal guide and chauffeur driver no matter whether you are coming alone or with your family.

In addition, a tour agent can help with last-minute changes on the trip, and help clients sort through the myriad of travel restriction changes.

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4. Go Early and Avoid Peak Time

Not to mention, the most popular tourist attractions are exceptionally busy, like Beijing Great Wall, Forbidden City, Xi'an Terracotta Worries, and Yellow Mountains are overwhelming with tourists during the national holiday.

What to do If I Want to Visit the Popular Spots But Worry about Waiting in Line?

Start your trip early in the morning: If it is inevitable to travel to the popular attractions, you will expect to wait in a long queue for entry. We suggest starting the trip early to avoid peak hours, or you can choose to visit at noon while tour groups have gone for lunch.

Avoid visiting on the busiest second day and the third day of the holiday: Plan the trip to those attractions one day ahead of the first day of the holiday or travel beyond the second or the third day of the holiday, those are the most visited days during the golden week according to tourism statistic.

5. Family Travel with Kids during National Day Holiday

1. Wearing a mask when hanging out: to protect your kids and prevent the virus, especially the non-vaccinated child.

2. Suggest visiting some remote attractions and places that are sparsely populated.

3. Book direct flights and trains, and choose your travel destination within three hours from home.

4. Check-in at the train station: it usually wait in a long queue when ready to embark on the train, especially on public holidays, so there is a manned gate for passengers with kids and seniors at the side of auto gates, which is fewer people line up, you can check tickets in this gate if travel with little kids.

6. Top Places to Avoid the Crowds during China National Day Holiday

Recommended Places for Families

The best travel destinations for the family should consist of convenient transportation, engaging activities, outdoor fun, and culture shock. Below are the places we recommend.

1. Guilin, Guangxi Province: Guilin is suitable for travel all year round, you can stay at a good hotel with a swimming pool under an 800Y; engaged in the family fun activities like caving, SUP, rock climbing, bamboo rafting, countryside biking, and hiking.

Tour Recommendation: 5-Day Guilin Family Tour with Moderate Hike

2. Gansu Silk Road - Gansu has many unique cultural relics and landforms, child can acknowledge the exotic cultures and landscapes like God's tears of Qinghai Lake; walk through the salt lake which is reputed as a sky mirror;  Slides down the dune in a desert; Appreciate the wisdom culture of Mogao Caves.

Smart tips:

Tour Recommendation

silk road tour
Silk Road Gateway Tour

3. Sanya, Hainan Province - Child-friendly resorts, stay in luxury hotels with nice swimming pools, kick back on the beach and enjoy the sunshine. You will get loads of fun for kids and pain-free travel for parents.

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Recommended Places for Nature Lovers

1. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain): located in Anhui province, the city is named after the Yellow Mountain, stay at the mountain for a night and take a day of hike to the West Sea Grand Canyon, sunrise scenery, sea of clouds,s and stunning autumn views in October.

Smart Tips:

Tour Recommendation: 3-Day Classical Yellow Mountain and Hongcun Village Tour

2. Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province - enjoy transparent walkways high above the clouds, the world's longest cable car, and floating rock formations, which are known as the Hallelujah peaks.

Smart Tips:

Tour Recommendation: 4-Day Zhangjiajie City Essence Tour

3. Western Sichuan - Docheng and Yading Nature Reserve known as the “last pure land on earth, October is the best time to see the fall colors along with snow mountains, lakes, and glaciers. Feel the charm of Tibetan culture and experience the authentic local lifestyle that is different from life in bustling cities.

Tour Recommendation

daocheng yading tour
5-Day Western Sichuan Tour to Daocheng and Yading

7. Tips before Travel

Bring Copies of Your Passport

Before you even head out on your trip, you should make some copies of your passport, the photo pages with your personal information, and the page visa to China, and keep them in separate places on your baggage.

Prepare Some Cash for the Trip

Bring some cash to cover the daily expenses, or prepare for some places that do not accept mobile payment (WeChat Pay and Ali Pay).

Recommended National Day Holiday Tours for Expats

As the policies changed frequently over the course of the pandemic, the rules are different from place to place in China to react to the pandemic situation. Plan a tour with a trustworthy local tour provider will ensure you a safe and pleasant tour, and always get up to date on the travel restrictions of the place you travel. 

Low-Risk Travel Destinations with Amazing Culture and Sceneries

We can also customize your own trip based on your group size, budget, interests, preferences, and other requirements. Please contact us.

Amid the coronavirus crisis, any customer who has booked a trip with us can cancel or reschedule it for free.

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