The Best 7 Cities to Celebrate Christmas in China

Written by Sally Guo Updated Jun. 28, 2021

Christmas is significant to Westerners. Christmas is popular gradually in China. Christmas atmosphere is very strong in major cities of China.

Except for traditional ways to celebrate Christmas, Chinese people have another way to celebrate Christmas. So by sending friends and families apples,  Chinese people wish them health, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year! 

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong, “the Pearl of the Orient”, is an international metropolis and one of the three most important world financial centers. Beautiful and spectacular skyscrapers dot the entire city. Delicious snacks in Hong Kong are things visitors never want to miss. Eggett, toast, egg tart, Siwa milk tea, and so on are all very welcome in Hong Kong.

Most shops have been decorated with Christmas elements since mid-November. On Christmas Eve, lots of couples come to Tsim Sha Tsui to appreciate Christmas decorations and participate in Christmas parties. Christmas is also a time to purchase for the low price of merchandise and food.

There are a lot of beautiful scenes and attractions in Hong Kong, like Victoria Harbor, Lamma Island, Tsim Sha Tsui, Victoria Peak, Causeway Bay, and Ocean Park.

hong kong

2. Shanghai

As an international metropolis, Christmas is very popular in Shanghai as well. There are various Christmas activities held by hotels, restaurants, clubs, and parks here. The following activities are just a very small part of Shanghai Christmas activities. Meanwhile, visitors will never want to miss attractions in and near Shanghai, like the Bund, West Lake, and Wuzhen in Hangzhou as well as the Gardens in Suzhou.


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3. Macau

Many beautiful South European buildings, Portuguese-style squares, and century-old churches stand in the old town of Macau. Decorated by sparkling Christmas lights, they seem to be covering a romantic cloth. Elaborately decorated Christmas windows and various Christmas activities add to the charm of Macao.

Usually, the main streets of Macau start to welcome Christmas with decorations like giant Christmas trees, snowmen, and Santa Claus in late November. On Christmas Eve, various activities like dancing, games, and SAN poem choir singing last about 4 hours on Largo da Companhia de Jesus.

Christmas is always a time to purchase for the low price of merchandise and food, and Macau is no exception.


4. Beijing

Christmas atmosphere has influenced Beijing, the capital of China. There are many ways that you can enjoy a special Christmas in China.

On the day, you can go to Happy Valley to relax. Or go to Xidan or Wangfujing to purchase. In the evening, if you are a Christian or Catholic, you can go to church. There are 6 Christian churches and 5 Christian Churches in Beijing. Christmas activities in the churches of Beijing often start at 7 o’clock on Christmas Eve. You can also go to Houhai or Sanlitun in the evening. You will love the modern night scene in Sanlitun and the relaxation in Houhai.

Beijing is a city with a large amount of historical and modern attractions, like the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Great Wall, Hutong, Yuanmingyuan Garden, Temple of Heaven, and Bird’s Nest.

the forbidden city

5. Chengdu

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, is a major city in southwest China. It has rich historical legacies and has been renowned as “The land of abundance” since ancient times. Visitors like Chengdu not only because of its deep and unique Ba-Shu culture but also because of its famous hot pot. Visiting Chengdu attractions and eating hot pot when Christmas falls must be interesting and special.


6. Harbin

Harbin, famous for its cold, snowy winters, is in China’s farthest-north province: Heilongjiang. The Harbin Ice Festival is the world’s largest ice festival. It usually lasts from December 25th to February 25th.

Besides hundreds of ice sculptures, visitors can do lots of other outdoor activities. For example, take a sled dog ride, go skiing, see traditional frozen-lake fishing, and more.

7. Taiwan

Taiwan is the biggest island in China. Renowned as the “Treasure Island”, Taiwan is a top tourism destination. There are rich natural sources and cultures in Taiwan. Visitors will see mountains, hills, plains, basins, islands, longitudinal valleys, and the coasts here.

Food, architecture, language, and living habits present a cultural combination. Food in Taiwan is a typical representation of multi-cultural combinations. Visitors will enjoy Taiwan's traditional snacks, Korean food, Japanese food, Taiwan cuisine as well as Hakka cuisine here.

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