Full Moon 2023: Calendar, Names, Star Signs, Effects

Written by Sally Guo Updated Jan. 19, 2023

The Full Moon is the phase that the moon is fully illuminated from Earth's perspective. As the moon orbits the earth and the earth orbits the sun, the Full Moon appears when the earth is located between the sun and the moon (Sun→Earth→Moon).

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Full Moon Calendar 2023

The moon phases change from the new moon to the full moon, the duration is called the lunar cycle or a lunar month. A full moon recurs every 29.53 days as the moon takes about 29.5 days to orbit the earth. There will be 12 full moons in 2023. 

Full Moon Dates Time (GMT) Full Moon Names Star Signs
6 Jan 2023 23:07 Wolf Moon Cancer
5 Feb 2023 18:28 Snow Moon Leo
7 Mar 2023 12:40 Worm Moon Virgo
6 Apr 2023 5:34 Flower Moon Libra
5 May 2023 18:34 Pink Moon Scorpio
4 Jun 2023 04:41 Strawberry Moon Sagittarius
3 Jul 2023 12:38 Thunder Moon Capricorn
1 Aug 2023 19:31 Sturgeon Moon Aquarius
31 Aug 2023 02:35 Blue Moon Pisces
28 Sep 2023 10:57 Harvest Moon Aries
28 Oct 2023 21:24 Hunter's Moon Taurus
27 Nov 2023 09:16 Beaver Moon Gemini
27 Dec 2023 00:33 Cold Moon Cancer

The above dates are based on the Gregorian calendar, times are local time for Greenwich and are adjusted for DST when applicable.

Check Moon Calendar 2023 month by month to know the phases of the moon every day.

Full Moon Effects on Sleep/Mood/Childbirth

Although it is not scientifically proven, according to some theories, people’s moods and behavior are associated with the full moon. The full moon would affect people’s sleep, mood, and childbirth. Here are the popular opinions accepted by most people.

1. Full Moon Effects on Sleep

It’s believed that the full moon would disrupt people’s sleep. Many people would take more time to fall asleep at full moon night and would sleep less than usual. It is hard for people Some even have nightmares all night.

A popular belief is that the full moon affects people’s sleep by its light as the moonlight is the brightest on the full moon night.

2. Full Moon Effects on Mood

According to some theories, the bright moonlight on a full moon night would affect the quality of sleep, and it also affects people’s moods. You cannot expect a person who slept badly to have a good mood.

Over years the word “lunatic”(comes from the Latin lunaticus, for "of the moon") is used to describe a person who behaves in a dangerous, stupid, or annoying way because people believed that the changes in the moon made people go mad temporarily. There are more violence and suicides during full moon periods.

3. Full Moon Effects on Childbirth

You may be surprised that there was a significant increase in the number of births when the gravitation of the moon to the earth was most powerful.

As the tides depend on the pull of the moon, people believed that it’s easier for pregnant women to give birth on the full moon night as the full moon has more gravity on people’s bodies, and the water tends to break.

Astrological Effects of Full Moons in 2023

According to astrologers, the Moon's position with respect to the stars has a great influence on our lives. Different zodiac signs are attributed with different qualities, when the sign and full moon coincide, certain astrological meanings are inferred. A coincidence with the moon is thought to emphasize a sign's emotional qualities.

Here are the astrological effects of full moons in 2023.

Full Moon in Cancer (Jan. 6, 2023)

Cancer is a Water Sign of sensitive feelings. Though Cancers look indifferent to their appearance, they have a soft heart inside.

Full Moon in Leo (Feb. 5, 2023)

Leo is a Fire Sign with high self-esteem and great ambitions. They are confident, aggressive, and self-centered. During the full moon period, Leos may be prone to anger.

Full Moon in Virgo (Mar. 7, 2023)

Virgo is an Earth Sign with a cool head and considerable insight. They are used to taking everything seriously and striving for perfection. Virgos would be pickier and more sensitive than usual during the full moon period.

Full Moon in Libra (Apr. 6, 2023)

Libra is an Air Sign with a good sense of balance. They always strive to create harmony in all life's aspects. Libras would encounter more procrastination and hesitation during the full moon period.

Full Moon in Scorpio (May 5, 2023)

Scorpio is a Water Sign with strong energy and desire. The full moon falls in Scorpio is a total lunar eclipse. Being full of passion, Scorpios know what they want and aren't afraid to work hard to get it.

Full Moon in Sagittarius (Jun. 4, 2023)

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign associated with adaptability and flexibility. They would not stay on any single fascination for too long, they desire change.

Full Moon in Capricorn (Jul. 3, 2023)

Capricorn is an Earth Sign with a balance of confidence and humility. Their practical spirit makes people feel comfortable in their presence.

Full Moon in Aquarius (Aug. 1, 2023)

Aquarius is an Air Sign desiring freedom and exploring new things. They are progressive and innovative.

Full Moon in Pisces (Aug. 31, 2023)

The second full moon in August 2023 is in Pisces. This blue moon will awaken the spiritual side of the zodiac and will also provide them with calm and pure energy to deal with life situations.

Pisces is a Water Sign with great imagination and immense sensitivity. Being full of romantic fantasy, Pisces is incredibly creative.

Full Moon in Aries (Sep. 29, 2023)

Aries is a Fire Sign with impulsive energy. They would get positive results on a long-term professional project during this full moon.

Full Moon in Taurus (Oct. 28, 2023)

Taurus is an Earth Sign with loyal nature. Though Taurus is stubborn at times, they are reliable.

Full Moon in Gemini (Nov. 27, 2023)

Gemini is an Air Sign, leading to emotions that change quickly at the full moon night.

Full Moon in Cancer (Dec. 27, 2023)

The final full moon of 2023 is in Cancer. Cancer is a Water Sign, this full moon already governs your cardinal waters, and this lunar phase will be all the more magical and intuitive.

Full Moon Names and Meanings

Different cultures have given names to full moons across the lunar calendar. Most common full moon names have come from Native American culture based on natural phenomena and their way of life.

January: Wolf Moon

Hungry wolves would howl for the scarcity of food in winter.

February: Snow Moon

Heavy snow would fall during this month in North America.

March: Worm Moon

Earthworms would come out when the soil warms up in spring.

April: Flower Moon

A kind of pink wildflower blooms in North America in the spring.

May: Pink Moon

Most flowers bloom in May.

June: Strawberry Moon

The harvest of strawberries usually happens this month in North America.

July: Thunder Moon

The antlers of bucks which shed in spring every year would be fully grown in July.

August: Sturgeon Moon

A large number of sturgeon would appear in lakes this month.

September: Harvest Moon

The corn would harvest around the mid-autumn.

October: Hunter's Moon

October is the time for farmers in North America to hunt for the coming winter.

November: Beaver Moon

Beavers would prepare food and build their winter dams this month.

December: Cold Moon

Winter is coming and the weather would be cold this month.

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