Shanghai Maglev Train

Written by Vivian Updated Oct. 9, 2023

When Shanghai becomes travelers’ first destination of China, this prosperous commercial city offers the first chance to enjoy the amazing fast transport system. Shanghai Maglev Train is the first choice to leave Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

It starts at the west of the Long Yang Road Station of Metro Line 2 and ends in the east of Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The total distance, about 30 kilometers only takes 7 minutes and 20 seconds. Shanghai Maglev Train is the first commercially operated maglev train in the world, with a top operational speed of 431 km/h and a non-commercial speed of up to 501 km/h.

Maglev Train Stops

The Shanghai Maglev Train operates along a simple 30.5 km (roughly 19 miles) route that includes only two stops:

Shanghai Pudong International Airport: Located between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, the Maglev station offers easy access for air travelers.

Longyang Road: This is a station in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai. You can connect from here to the Shanghai Metro (Lines 2 and 7) for onward travel to different parts of the city.

Maglev Train Operation Time

Shanghai Maglev Train runs from 6:45 to 21:40 from Longyang Road Station to Pudong International Airport Station. The opposite route starts at 7:02 in the morning and ends at 21:42 in the evening. The whole trip takes in just 8 minutes.

The intervals for the Maglev Trains are 15 minutes between 06:45 and 17:00 at Longyang Road Station and it is 20 minutes from 17:00 to 21:40. At Pudong International Airport Station, the Maglev Trains come every 15 minutes between 07:02 and 17:02, and it is 20 minutes from 17:02 to 21:42.

Shanghai Maglev Train Seat Types

The Shanghai Maglev Train offers two types of seating for passengers:

Ordinary Seat: Ordinary Seating is the standard option and provides comfortable, spacious seats.

VIP Seat: For an additional cost, passengers can upgrade to VIP seating. VIP seats offer a bit more comfort and space and are usually less crowded.

Both seating options offer large windows, which allow passengers to fully appreciate the speed of the train and the scenery outside.

How Much does it Cost to Ride the Shanghai Maglev

The ticket centers: One is located on the second floor of Shanghai Maglev Road Station; The other one is on the second floor at Shanghai Maglev Pudong International Airport Station, east of the terminal of Pudong International Airport. More information is offered in the Maglev Service Center located on the second floor of the station.

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Types of Tickets:

Ticket Details Price
Single Trip Ticket Valid for the ordinary single trip ticket of the day CNY 50
Round Trip Ticket(Valid in 7 days) Valid for the ordinary round trip ticket in 7 days CNY 80
VIP Single Trip ticket Valid for the VIP single trip ticket of the day CNY 100
VIP Round Ticket(Valid in 7 days) Valid for the VIP round trip ticket in 7 days CNY 160
Single Trip Ticket Basen on a presenting air-ticket of the same day Favorable Single trip ticket for passengers who take the airplane on the same day CNY 40
Advance Single Ticket To exchange to the single-trip ticket at the Longyang Road Station or Pudong International Airport Station CNY 50
Advance Return Ticket To exchange the round-trip ticket at the Longyang Road Station or Pudong International Airport Station CNY 80
Maglev Pass for 30 trips 30 trips valid for single maglev train trips (ordinary class) in one year CNY 900

Opening Hours:

Longyang Road Station to Pudong International Airport Station --6:45 to 21:40; Pudong International Airport Station to Longyang Road Station-7:02 to 21:42

More Tips:

1. A Child whose height is not over 130cm can enjoy a free maglev trip with an adult.

2. A passenger can get a maglev ticket with a 20% discount based on a flight ticket on the same day, no matter a paper flight ticket or an electronic flight ticket.

How to Get to Luoyang Road Station(龙阳路站)


Taxi or Private Car

Taxis or private cars are also great options. Rideshare apps like DiDi can be handy here. You just need to enter "Longyang Road" (龙阳路) into the app as your destination.


Travel Advisory & Restrictions

When taking the Shanghai Maglev Train, passengers should be aware of the following general restrictions and rules:

1. Tickets: All passengers must have valid tickets to ride the Maglev Train. The ticket should be kept safe for ticket checks and exit at the destination.

2. All announcements inside the train are made in four languages: Mandarin, English, German, and Japanese.

3. Free Wi-Fi is available inside the train.

4. Luggage: There is ample space for luggage inside the train, so you don't need to worry if you are carrying a lot of luggage.

5. Prohibited Items: Similar to other forms of public transport, certain items are prohibited from being transported for safety reasons, such as flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive, corrosive, and other dangerous substances.

6. Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited within the train and the stations.

7. Animals: As a general rule, pets are not allowed on the train. However, assistance dogs (such as guide dogs) may be allowed under certain conditions.

Shanghai Maglev Museum

Shanghai Maglev Museum is another option to learn more about Shanghai Maglev Train. It lying on the first floor of Maglev Longyang Road Station mainly introduces the history and technology of the maglev train. There are five topics: Birth of Maglev, Maglev Shanghai Line, Maglev Technology, Maglev Superiorities, and Prospects for Maglev.

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