Best Places to Go Shopping in Shanghai

Written by ivana Updated Oct. 31, 2023

Shanghai has been a gathering for foreigners and merchants in the modern history of China, where different kinds of high-grade imported commodities and domestic products are flooded, making shopping one of Shanghai’s highlights.

Shopping Districts

For shopping in Shanghai, the subway is a convenient and comprehensive mode of transportation. The preferred shopping route is from Xujiahui to Huaihai Middle Road, especially Huaihai Middle Road.

The Nanjing East Road and Nanjing West Road stations on Line 2 (the highlights are Meilongzhen, CITIC Pacific, and Henglong Square), and Jing'an Temple station link the past and present of Nanjing Road. Whenever the seasons change, during festivals or store celebrations, the major malls offer astonishing discounts, making it a good time to shop.

1、Xujiahui (Xuhui District)

Located at the intersection of Huashan Road, Hongqiao Road, Caoxi North Road, Zhaojiabang Road, and Hengshan Road, here you can find the "Four King Kongs" - No.31 Oriental Department Store (No. 8 Caoxi North Road), No.32 Grand Gateway 66 (No. 1 Hongqiao Road), No.33 Pacific Department Store (No. 932 Hengshan Road), and No.34 Huijin Plaza (Huijin Department Store is the shopping mall inside, located at No. 1000 Zhaojiabang Road), as well as the digital plaza formed by Bainaohui, Pacific Computer Plaza, and Hongtu Sanbao, and Metro City (No. 1111 Zhaojiabang Road).

Especially interesting is Wufan Street in Metro City B1, which features a Japanese style. There's also the less crowded but very good Guangqi City Fashion Shopping Center (No. 455 Yishan Road, Line 3, 4, 9 Yishan Road Station).

2、People's Square (Huangpu District)

As a hub-type commercial center for rail transit, the shopping spots here include Hong Kong Famous Shop Street (No. 9-99 People's Avenue, Huangpu District), Dimei Shopping Center (No. 221 People's Avenue, Huangpu District), Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, First Department Store (No. 830 East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District), Raffles City (No. 268 Middle Tibet Road, Huangpu District), and New World City (No. 2-68 West Nanjing Road, Huangpu District), etc.

3、Zhongshan Park (Changning District)

As a newly-emerging commercial center of Shanghai, Jiali Sleepless City mainly includes the Sleepless Mansion, Mingping Mansion, Huanlong Department Store, the Pacific Department Square, and Zhabei Square, where the commodities are much cheaper than those of Nanjing Road Walking Street.

The recreational facilities are well-equipped in Jiali Sleepless City as well, making it an ideal place for both shopping and recreation in Shanghai. After shopping, you’re advised to have a rest in Zhabei Park or Lingnan Park.

4、Wujiaochang (Yangpu District)

It is developing into the Xujiahui of the northeast corner of Shanghai. Here are gathered modern shopping malls such as Wanda Commercial City (No. 77 Songhu Road), Oriental Department Store (No. 2500 Siping Road), Bailian Another City (No. 8 Songhu Road) (all at Line 10 Jiangwan Stadium Station), and East Shanghai Loho Plaza (No. 1920 Huangxing Road, Yangpu District).

Among them, Wanda Plaza has Walmart Shopping Plaza, Paris Spring Department Store, First Food Square, Wanda International Cinema, Xinhua Bookstore, and Hele International Home Square, etc., and the neighborhood-style plaza has specially opened three leisure streets.

5、Never-Night City (Zhabei District)

Located in the Shanghai Railway Station area, this is a new type of commercial center in Shanghai, including the Never-Night City Department Store (No. 188 Tianmu West Road), Famous Products Department Store (No. 228 Wa Ling Road), Huanlong Department Store (No. 360 Meiyuan Road), Pacific Department Store (No. 218 Tianmu West Road), and Zhabei Square. It contains various types of industries. The surrounding leisure, entertainment, and dining facilities are also fully equipped.

The subway square at the railway station is also a good shopping destination. Along the subway line of the railway station, Joy City (No. 166 Tibet North Road, Subway Line 8 Qufu Road), and Daning International Commercial Plaza (No. 1878-2008 Gonghe New Road, Line 1 Yanchang Road Station) are also good shopping choices.

6、Nanjing Road Shopping Street (Huangpu District)

Known as the "No.1 Commercial Street in China", Nanjing Road is the oldest commercial street in Shanghai, famous before the liberation as the "Ten Mile Foreign Concession". It starts from the Bund in the east and extends to Tibet Middle Road in the west. Here, you can find over 100 traditional Chinese shops, modern malls, and stores, including the First Food Store, Lao Jiefu, Bao Daxiang, Hengdeli, Wu Liangcai, and other century-old stores. Most of the southern goods stores are concentrated around Nanjing Road (for specific shops and landmarks, see scenic spots p).

7、Jing'an Temple, Nanjing West Road (Huangpu District)

This is the western extension of the Nanjing Road shopping street. It caters to both mass market and luxury shoppers, with luxury boutiques such as Henglong Plaza, Meilongzhen Plaza, and Jiuguang Department Store.

8、Huaihai Road (Huangpu District)

This is a famous commercial street in Shanghai, with a collection of brand stores and specialty shops. It features high-end office buildings like Hong Kong Plaza, and Shanghai Plaza, computer malls like Bainaohui, and Cybermart, as well as comprehensive department stores like Pacific Department Store Huaihai Branch, Shanghai Times Square, Parkson, Printemps, Erbai Yongxin, Huating Isetan, etc.

Budget-Friendly Shopping Districts

1、Sichuan North Road

Located in Hongkou District, Sichuan North Road is known for its high-quality, affordable goods, earning it the nickname "Common People's Commercial Street". The street is home to a variety of department stores such as Dongbao Department Store and Paris Spring, as well as a number of digital squares like Hongtu Sanbao. Additionally, there are numerous specialty stores offering mid to low-end brands.

2、Shanxi South Road

Connecting Huaihai Road and Nanjing Road, Shaanxi South Road is a unique little street filled with diverse, stylish shops that can be a visual feast. Although each store is small, they each offer unique items that are only a fraction of the price compared to large department stores.

3、Hong Kong Famous Shops Street & Dimei Shopping Center

Located inside the People's Square Metro Station, opposite the Shanghai Baiyi Store on Nanjing Road. The Dimei Shopping Center offers a wide variety of goods, from quirky accessories and unique shoes and bags to clothes adorned with lace and sequins.

4、Qipu Road

Starting from Henan North Road in the east, extending to Zhejiang North Road in the west, and reaching Shanxi North Road in the south, Qipu Road forms a "T" shape and stretches over 680 meters. It is a hub for fashion treasure hunting in Shanghai. When visiting Qipu Road, remember to hunt for hidden gems and bargain hard according to your budget. In the twilight hours of the weekends, after closing, merchants often bring out a portion of their goods for street sale, offering prices that are astonishingly low.

South Bund Soft Spinning Material Market: Custom-made services for Cheongsam, Chinese-style clothing, Qipao, and suits

In the 1990s, the Dongjiadu Fabric Market became a beautiful landmark in the old town of Shanghai, where countless domestic and foreign visitors flocked to select fabrics and have clothes custom-made. In 2005, due to municipal development needs, the market relocated to No. 399 Lujiabang Road, and evolved into the "South Bund Fabric Market".

Over 16 years, it has accumulated a wealth of experience serving customers from home and abroad, earning a stellar reputation. With more than 1,000 merchants providing a tailored clothing experience, the market is primarily focused on custom-made services for Cheongsam, Chinese-style clothing, Qipao, and suits.

If you are looking to purchase a tailored outfit designed according to your own preferences, the South Bund Fabric Market is an excellent place to experience. 


Flea Market

1、Dongtai Road Antique Street

This street is a well-known antique market both domestically and internationally and is known as Shanghai's "Liuli Factory." Primarily dealing with old handicrafts, including ceramics, jade, bronze, woodwork, calligraphy, and paintings, the Four Treasures of Study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab, and paper), and miscellaneous items. Each shop in this street has its unique décor, showcasing distinctive styles.

2、Shanghai Old Street - Cangbao Lou: The Shanghai Equivalent of Panjiayuan in Beijing

Cangbao Lou, nestled in Shanghai Old Street of the famous tourist spot, City God Temple, mainly deals with stone seals, antiques, ceramics, inkstones, and ancient wooden furniture, boasting a wide variety.

Originally named "Fuyou Road Handicraft Market," Cangbao Lou was formerly the Fuyou Road Antique Stall Market. This old market, located on Fuyou Road west of Henan Road and around Jiu Cang Street, used to have nearly a thousand stalls at its peak, rivaling the Panjiayuan antique market in Beijing. Therefore, it was referred to as "South Fuyou, North Pan."

During the daytime, Fuyou Road is a regular street. However, as the evening rolls in, people from all walks of life gather to sell second-hand goods by the roadside. It doesn't take long before customers, having heard rumors of good finds, start to show up. The market lighting is dim, and bargain hunters, armed with their flashlights, discuss deals delicately - in this market, the codeword '1' is 100 yuan, and '10' is 1,000 yuan. Prospective buyers navigate their way through the crowd, exploring everything from calligraphy and painting to ceramics, missing nothing, and appreciating every piece of treasure. 

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