Suzhou Metro

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Suzhou Metro, also known as Suzhou Rail Transit, has 6 lines in operation, including Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, Line 4 Branch Line, Line 5, and Line 11. The total operating mileage is 251 kilometers.

The broadcasts in Suzhou Rail Transit use both Mandarin and English. The broadcast content includes arrival reminders, door-opening reminders, transfer reminders, etc.

Suzhou Metro Map

Suzhou Metro covers Suzhou Railway Station, Suzhou North Railway Station, Mudu Water Town, and Shantang Jie (Shantang Street), among other destinations.

Suzhou Metro Map

Suzhou Metro Interchange Stations

There are 6 open lines in Suzhou subway with 16 active interchange stations. In addition, some stations also offer interchanges with the Suzhou Tram at exit points.

Station Name Line A Line B
广济南路站 | Guangji Nanlu Station Line 1 Line 2
狮子山站 | Shizishan Station Line 1 Line 3
东方之门站 | Dongfangzhimen Station Line 1 Line 3
乐桥站 | Leqiao Station Line 1 Line 4
星塘街站 | Xingtang Jie Station Line 1 Line 5
盘蠡路站 | Panli Lu Station Line 2 Line 3
苏州火车站 | Suzhou Railway Station Line 2 Line 4
石湖东路站 | Shihu Donglu Station Line 2 Line 4
劳动路站 | Laodonglu Station Line 2 Line 5
宝带路站 | Baodailu Station Line 3 Line 4
索山桥西站 | Suoshanqiao West Station Line 3 Line 5
金厍桥站 | Jinsheqiao Station Line 3 Line 5
葑亭大道站 | Fengtingdadao Station Line 3 Line 5
唯亭站 | Weiting Station Line 3 Line 11
南门站 | Nanmen Station Line 4 Line 5
红庄站 | Hongzhuang Station Line 4 Line 4 Branch Line
花桥站 | Huaqiao Station Line 11 Shanghai metro Line 11

Suzhou Metro Operating Hours

Route Name Terminal
(Operating hours)
Run interval
Line 1 To Mudu
To Zhongnan Stree
4–6 mins
Line 2 To Qihe
To Sangtiandao
Line 3 To Suzhou New District Railway Station
To Weiting
Line 4 To Longdaobing
To Tongli
Line 4 Branch Line To Hongzhuang
To Muli
Line 5 To Xiangshan
(5:40-22:20 )
To Yangchenghu South
Line 11 To Weiting
To Shanghai Huaqiao

Ticket Fares

The ticket fares for Suzhou Metro depend on the distance traveled and the number of stops, ranging from 2 to 8 CNY per person.

There are also other fares for specific tickets, as follows:

  • 1-day ticket (15 CNY, no frequency of use in 24 hours)
  • 3-day ticket (25 CNY, no frequency of use in 72 hours)
  • Monthly ticket (first time: 60 CNY/20 times, 85 CNY/30 times, 130 CNY/50 times; recharge: 50 CNY/20 times, 75 CNY/30 times, 120 CNY/50 times)

How to Purchase Subway Tickets

Every subway station in Suzhou is equipped with automated ticket machines where you can buy single-trip tickets. These machines accept both cash and bank card payments. Additionally, some subway stations have manned ticket counters where you can purchase single-trip tickets or recharge your transit cards.


Passengers can also use mobile apps like Alipay and WeChat to purchase subway tickets. After selecting the subway QR code option on the app, you generate a QR code that you can scan at the gates for entry and exit. 

You can buy electronic single-trip tickets or top up your transit cards through the official Suzhou Metro App "苏e行". Just download the application and follow the in-app instructions to make your purchase or recharge your card.

Single-trip Ticket

Valid for use on the same day and at the same station the ticket was purchased. Regular single-trip tickets and prepaid single-trip tickets must be inserted into the exit gate machine, while invalid single-trip tickets are reclaimed by the transit station.

Count-based Ticket

The types of tickets are divided into "50-times electronic count-tickets" and "100-times electronic count-tickets". Count-based tickets are for single-person use, and do not limit the distance traveled. One count is deducted at the time of exit.

Tourist Ticket

The types of tickets are divided into "physical/electronic one-day tickets" and "physical/electronic three-day tickets". Physical tourist tickets are valid for the year of purchase without limitation on distance or times of use. Electronic tourist tickets are valid immediately upon purchase without limitation on distance or times of use. Tourist tickets are for single-person use.

Commemorative Ticket

Valid within the marked period of validity. Invalid after expiration. Only for a single ride, unlimited distance, no reclaim upon exit. No refund or loss reporting.

How to Reach Popular Destinations in Suzhou by Subway

Humble Administrators Garden Humble Administrators Garden

  • Humble Administrator's Garden: Take Line 4 and get off at Beisita Station, then walk to the east for about 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) to see the representative example of Suzhou s gardens.
  • Suzhou Museum: It s close to the Humble Administrator s Garden. You should take Line 4, get off at Beisita Station, and then walk about 800 meters to the east.
  • Lingering Garden: Take Line 2 and get off at Shilu Station, then walk for about 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) heading northwest.
  • Tongli Water Town: Take Line 4 and get off at Tongli Station. Then take a bus or taxi for about 15 minutes to reach the wonderful water town.
  • Suzhou Railway Station: There are two lines in this station — Line 2 and Line 4.
  • Suzhou North Railway Station: This station utilizes Line 2, which is about 250 meters from the train station.

Useful Tips for Using Suzhou Metro

  • There are more passengers during the morning peak (07:30–09:00) and evening peak (17:00–19:00) on weekdays so it's better to avoid these times.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the stations or on trains.
  • We try to provide accurate transportation information as much as possible. However, timings and prices are subject to change depending on different situations.

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