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Written by Vivian Updated Jun. 28, 2021

An important tourist destination in China, Suzhou is well connected by air, train, and land. Bullet trains connect Suzhou to other major cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Huangshan. Suzhou has four metro lines that connect different parts of the city.

Here are some fast and easy ways for you to travel to Suzhou and get around the city.

Trains to Suzhou

There are four railway stations in Suzhou that offer advanced bullet trains and ordinary trains to nearby cities and beyond. They connect Suzhou by rail to Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, and other cities.

The following two stations have the most daily trains:

Suzhou Railway Station   The Entrance of Suzhou Railway Station

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Flights to Suzhou

Suzhou does not have its own airport at present, as it is very close to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Pudong International Airport, and Wuxi Sunan Shuofang International Airport.

How To Travel between Shanghai and Suzhou

Long-Distance Bus to Suzhou

Suzhou is known as the Southeast Gate of Shanghai and Zhejiang Province due to its well-developed highway network. There are 4 long-distance bus stations in the city. The two most useful stations for travelers are Suzhou South Bus Station and Suzhou North Square Bus Station.

Transportation in Suzhou

Suzhou city has a modern transportation system to support visitors and locals alike.


Suzhou has 4 metro lines that cover Suzhou Railway Station, Suzhou North Railway Station, Mudu Water Town, Shantang Jie (Shantang Street), and other places.

Line 1 is from Mudu to Zhongnan Street (Green Line), Line 2 connects Sangtian Dao and Qihe (Red Line), Line 3 runs from Suzhou New District Train Station to Weiting (Yellow Line), and Line 4 runs from Longdaobing to Tongli (Blue Line). The ticket price ranges from CN¥2 (US$0.25) to CN¥8 (US$1) according to the distance traveled.

City Bus

Although city buses are not usually the first choice of foreign travelers, it is a good idea to take them as they cover a lot of the city. Ticket prices range from CN¥1 to CN¥3 per person one way based on the route and distance.

Passengers should check the sign on the bus stop to know the fare and route. There is no fare collector on the bus, so ensure that you have enough loose change before boarding.

Suzhou Bus    Suzhou Bus


If you would like to travel with greater comfort and privacy, you could take taxis instead of using public transport. The starting taxi fare is CN¥10 for the first 3 km (1 mi). Taxis operate 24/7 in Suzhou, but there are different fares for different times of the day. In addition, taxis may be hard to get during the peak travel times of 7–10 a.m. and 5–8 p.m.

SND Tram

There are two tram lines operating in Suzhou. Line 1 runs between Suzhou Amusement Land (Shizhishan Station) and Xiyangshan Station, while Line 2 connects Longkang Lu Station and Wenchang Lu Station. The fare is CN¥2 per person for a single ride.


China is called the kingdom of bikes and for good reason. Bicycles are the most popular mode of transportation in the country. You can rent a bicycle from some youth hostels or bicycle shops. You could also rent a public bicycle if you have a subscription card.


Suzhou boasts many classic Chinese water towns and scenic spots. There are plenty of streets and alleys that are too narrow for a bus or a taxi to pass through. Rickshaws are a great way to navigate older and more congested neighborhoods and will give you a taste of local life in the city. While you can definitely try haggling over the rate, the usual cost of taking a rickshaw is around CN¥10.

Suzhou Rickshaw   Suzhou Rickshaw

Suzhou Tour with China Travel

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How to Travel between Shanghai and Suzhou

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