Top Exhibitions of the Terracotta Army Overseas

Exhibition at the World Museum in the UK

With the theme of China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors, the Terracotta Army from Xi’an is on display at the World Museum in Liverpool from February 9 to October 28, 2018, including 120 terracotta figures that have mostly never been on the show before in the UK.

After the first landmark exhibition at the British Museum in London in 2007, Liverpool is the terracotta army’s second stop, revisiting Britain. This exhibition is a major part of the celebration of Liverpool's tenth anniversary of being the European Capital of Culture.

Exhibition at the Te Papa Museum in New Zealand

The Te Papa Museum in New Zealand will host an exhibition of 160 terracotta warriors and horses 2,300 years old from December 20, 2018, to April 2019. Three types of terracotta statues are expected to be on display: terracotta soldiers, terracotta horses, and bronze chariots. The cost of this large-scale event is estimated to be 4 million New Zealand dollars, most of which will be used for transport expenses. Previously, Wellington exhibited a mini-replica version of the terracotta army instead of the original figures, but in this exhibition visitors in New Zealand can enjoy genuine life-sized statues for the first time.

Terracotta Army Overseas Exhibitions in Recent Years

Time Location Theme
2018.4.20–2018.8.12 the Cincinnati Art Museum, USA Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China
2015.10.27–2016.10.2 Tokyo, Kyushu, and Osaka, Japan The Great Terracotta Army of China’s First Emperor
2015.4.1–2015.9.30 the Museum Centre Vapriikkiin in Tampere, Finland The Terracotta Army and Treasures of the First Emperors of China
2013.6.14–2014.2.20 the Museum Centre Vapriikkiin in Tampere, Finland The Terracotta Army and Treasures of the First Emperors of China
2013.4.29–2013.8.1 the National Museum of Romanian History in Bucharest, Romania Treasures of China
2013.3.15–2013.11.17 Bernisches Historisches Museum, Switzerland Qin – The eternal emperor and his terracotta warriors
2012.10.20–2013.2.20 the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, Turkey Treasures of China
2012.7.28–2013.3.10 National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, Netherlands

The Terracotta Warriors from China

2010.12.2–2011.3.13 the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia The First Emperor – China's Entombed Warriors
2010.6.26–2010.6.26 Toronto and Montreal, Canada The Warrior Emperor and China's Terracotta Army

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