How to Travel from Beijing to Zhangjiajie

Written by Vivian Updated Aug. 26, 2021

Zhangjiajie is 1567 kilometers (974 miles) from Beijing. You can find both flights and trains going from Beijing to Zhangjiajie. Clearly traveling by air is the best option for speed and comfort.

Beijing to Zhangjiajie Map

Beijing to Zhangjiajie Map

Beijing to Zhangjiajie Flight

It is the most logical and ultimately cost-effective way to fly from Beijing to Zhangjiajie directly. There are 1 to 2 nonstop flights every day, taking about 3 hours. As the flights are generally in the evening, you can get a full day in Beijing and the following full day in Zhangjiajie.

Beijing to Zhangjiajie flight

The flights depart from Beijing Capital International Airport and arrive at Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport, which is 50 minutes drive from Wulingyuan, a district covering Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It might be hard to get a direct flight ticket in peak travel season, fortunately, you can also get a transfer flight through Changsha.

There is no direct bus from Zhangjiajie Airport to Wulingyuan. If you book a Zhangjiajie tour with us, your private guide and driver will pick you up at the airport and take you to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianmen Mountain, your hotel in Wulingyuan, and any other places you want to go.

Beijing to Zhangjiajie Train

Unless you have a lot of time, it would be a miserable journey to travel direct from Beijing to Zhangjiajie by train, because it takes a full 24 hours. Besides, there are no English signs on the train.

Train Number Departure Station to Arrival Station Duration Seat Type
K267 13:22 Beijing West → 12:30 + 1 Zhangjiajie 23h8m Hard Seat: 192 CNY
Hard Sleeper: 328 CNY
Soft Sleeper: 515 CNY
K473 16:16 Beijing → 16:43 +1 Zhangjiajie 24h27m Hard Seat: 198 CNY
Hard Sleeper: 337 CNY
Soft Sleeper: 530 CNY


Beijing to Zhangjiajie Bullet Train

There is no direct bullet train from Beijing to Zhangjiajie. If you want to travel by high-speed train, you will have to go via Changsha, where there are direct bullet trains going to Zhangjiajie. The travel route is Beijing – Changsha – Zhangjiajie.

Beijing to Zhangjiajie via Changsha Departure Arrival Duration Frequency Daily Price
Beijing to Zhangjiajie Beijing West Railway Station Changsha South Railway Station 6-7 hours 16 departures from 07:03 to 15:40 649 CNY
Changsha to Zhangjiajie Changsha Railway Station Zhangjiajie West Railway Station About 3 hours 18 departures from 7:00 to 20:55 138 CNY


Beijing to Zhangjiajie Tour with Us

our customer in Zhangjiajie

Exploring Zhangjiajie

We can offer you a hassle-free round-trip tour traveling from Beijing to Zhangjiajie. Our travel experts will arrange everything for you- transports, hotels, itineraries, and our private local guides will help you get anywhere, and help escape the crowds.

Have a look at our popular Zhangjiajie tour packages to get your own inspiration, or directly contact us if you already have travel ideas. We welcome every inquiry about China travel.

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