China Weather in October

Written by Sally Guo Updated Oct. 18, 2021

Thanks to its comfortable weather condition and fine scenery, October is ranked as one of the best periods to travel to most parts of China. However, as Chinese National Day Holidays usually last from Oct.1 to 7, a large number of Chinese people will travel to China during this peak tourist period. Thus, tourists had better avoid this peak period as the tourist attractions will be very crowded and it’s not easy to get train or flight tickets. Beautiful autumn scenery is in full swing during this month, such as the breathtaking Fragrant Mountain Red Leaves.

October Packing Suggestion

North: As it’s cool during the daytime and a little bit cold in the evening, long-sleeved coats and woolen sweaters are needed.

Central:  It’s warm in the daytime and cool in the evening, thus, light long-sleeved coats are enough.

South: As it’s still very warm in South China, short-sleeved T-shirts and shorts are recommended. Meanwhile, tourists need to bring some light long-sleeved coats in case of the cold weather.

Why Visit China in October

1. October in China boasts cool and comfortable weather, suitable for traveling.

2. After Chinese National Day (Oct.1 to 7), the scenic spots are not very crowded and some discounts on flight fares and hotels can be got.

3. The beautiful autumn scenery is at its best, welcoming tourists from all over the world.

Beware of Some Conditions during an October Visit

1. Chinese National Day Holiday falls on the first week of October when large numbers of Chinese people traveling, bringing inconvenience for foreign tourists. It’s very difficult to book flight or train tickets.

2. Hotels will raise their prices and popular scenic areas will be very crowded.

Top October Destinations


October is ranked as one of the best periods to visit Beijing thanks to its favorable weather condition and plentiful scenery. Beautiful autumn scenery in Beijing is in full swing during this month, such as the breathtaking Fragrant Mountain Red Leaves. In late October, tourists can appreciate the most spectacular natural scenes in Fragrant Mountain Park, the sight of the brilliant red leaves, which set the park ablaze. Besides, Beijing is also blessed with a number of scenic spots of various kinds that are suitable for visiting during this period, such as the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Bird’s Nest, Summer Palace, and Old Summer Palace.

Baiyun Mountain National Forest Park

Baiyun Mountain in Luoyang boasts unique stones, peaks, cave wonders, waterfall wonders, temples, and virgin forest wonders, such as a thousand and one-mu Virgin Forest, the Gingko Forest of the Tang Dynasty, the Wild Peony Forest, the High-Mountain Cuckoo Forest, the Red Birch Forest, the White Birch Forest, and the Arrow Bamboo Forest. In autumn, the Golden-Autumn Red Leaves rank as the unique highlights, attracting numerous tourists.

Huangguoshu Waterfalls Scenic Area

Huangguoshu Waterfalls Scenic Area, located in the Anshun City of Guizhou Province, is ranked as one of the first state-level scenic spots in China. The waterfall cluster consists of more than 10 above-ground waterfalls, underground waterfalls, and water stone forests at Tianxingqiao Bridge and Tianxing Cave, Huangguoshu Waterfall, Doupotang Waterfall, Luositan Waterfall, Guanling Waterfall, Spider (zhizhu in Chinese) Cave Waterfall, Lumei Pond Waterfall, and Longmen Flying Waterfall, among which the 74-meter-high and 81-meter-wide Huangguoshu Waterfall is the most magnificent. Thus, Huangguoshu Waterfalls Scenic Area is the best scenic area to appreciate the magnificent waterfall scenery.

Mt. Wutai

Mt. Wutai ("Five Plateau Mountain"), located in the Xinzhou City of Shanxi Province, is a sacred Buddhist mountain with cultural heritage and beautiful natural scenery. It has an abundance of smaller peaks, steep cliffs, beautiful caves, ponds of various sizes, and bubbling springs. There is a cave on Mt. Wutai, named Fomu Cave. According to Buddhist Scriptures, Fomu Cave is also called Thousand-Buddha Cave where people enshrine Sakyamuni. Every year, a number of devout men and women come to Mt. Wutai to go through the cave, because it is said that going into the small cave means reincarnating to Fomu, and going out of it means getting happiness. Going in and out of the cave is a holy ritual of Buddhism and full of interest. Every year, in the cool October, traveling to Mt. Wutai is a good choice for people to clean the soul as well as sightseeing.

Weather in October in Major Cities

Temperature Beijing Shanghai Guilin Guangzhou Xi’an Kunming Chengdu
High (ºC) 3 22 26 28 19 20 21
Low (ºC) -7 14 22 20 9 11 14
Precip(mm) 1 2.4 3.6 3.1 2.6 3.5 1.6
High (ºF) 37 72 79 83 66 68 69
Low (ºF) 19 58 72 68 49 52 58

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