China Weather in August

Written by Sally Guo Updated Oct. 18, 2021

The weather continues burning hot in August in most areas of China, especially in the areas south of the Yangtze River, such as Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hunan Province. Tourists traveling to China during this month should avoid these places with extremely high temperatures. Western China is welcoming its best time of the year in August, thanks to its pleasant weather and plentiful folk festivals. Besides, in August, a number of various unique festivals and activities are held, including Qingdao International Beer Festival, Turpan Grape Festival, Nadam Fair in Erdos, Bathing Week of Tibet, and the Shoton Festival in Tibet. It’s a good choice to visit these places during this hot month.

August is also China’s peak tourist season, as the holiday of students. Thus, many tourist attractions could be very crowded and it will be difficult to get train and flight tickets. What’s more, hotels, which are in great demand, will raise their prices during the holidays.

August Packing Suggestion

As it’s burning hot in most areas of China, tourists should wear short-sleeved shirts, shorts, sandals, skirts, sunglasses, and sun hats. Besides, sun cream, umbrellas, and bug repellent are necessary for sunstroke prevention.

Why Visit China in August

1. Western China is welcoming its best time of the year in August, thanks to its pleasant weather and plentiful folk festivals. Besides, in August, a number of various unique festivals and activities are held in China.

2. Packing is easier and not bulky, bringing lots of convenience for travelers.

3. The beautiful beach scenery is at its best in some seaside cities. Though it’s hot, traveling to the seaside cities and summer resorts is a good choice, which is also comfortable.

Beware of Some Conditions during an August Visit

1. As August can be ranked as the peak of summer, it’s so hot in many areas of China. Tourists should make some preparation in order to avoid heatstroke.

2. Chinese summer holiday falls in August. Thus, lots of tourist attractions are full of people. Besides, it will be very difficult to get train and flight tickets. Hotels in some popular cities are full and they will raise the prices.

Top August Destinations


Shenzhen, as a famous tourist city in China, is celebrated as "International Garden City" for its beautiful coastlines and well-preserved vegetations. In August, tourists can bask in the warm sunshine on its beguiling beaches and engage in various water activities. Shenzhen boasts a number of famous scenic spots, such as the Window of the World, Village of Chinese Folk Culture, Dameisha Beach, and Evergreen Resort.;


Qingdao, as a charming seafront metropolis in Shandong Province, is called “China's Switzerland" due to its Bavarian appearance. Qingdao boasts beautiful beaches, cool sea breezes, clear air, excellent seafood, and colonial-era buildings. Every year, Qingdao holds a number of festivals according to its own characteristics. The famous Qingdao International Beer Festival is held in August every year, lasting from mid-August to the end of August.

Tourists can fully enjoy dazzling lighting, charming breeze, great beer, and poetic exploration. Beer bars and snack streets are filled with tourists from everywhere every day and Qingdao becomes an energetic and exciting city.


Turpan Grape Festival on the Silk Road, which is widely known by people at home and abroad, is usually held from August 26 to September 5 every year. During the festival, tourists can not only enjoy various kinds of delicious people will enjoy but also can appreciate splendid theatrical performances and unique and striking folk custom art. Besides, tourists can not only taste roast gamecock, camel meat, beef, and mutton but also appreciate the unique and extraordinary skill of Turpan roasting. Many activities with ethnic characteristics will be held during the festival. The activities of this Grape Festival will show off the cultural richness of Turpan and will help people to appreciate the special touristic value, the folk customs, and art of Xinjiang.

Time: Aug 26 – Sep 5

Place: Turpan, Xinjiang

Places to Visit: Turpan Grape Festival, the Jiaohe Ruins, the Grape Valley, the Flaming Mountains, Khanat, the Bezeklik Thousand-Buddha Cave.


1. Don't pick the grapes on the pergolas along Turpan Pedestrian Street.

2. It is still extremely hot in late August, so most of the activities are held in the evenings. Tourists need to be careful to avoid sunstroke while going out during the daytime.

3. Turpan has a 2-hour time difference from Beijing.

4. Merchants sell goods using half a kilogram as the standard unit.


From August 11 to 18, Nadam Fair is held in Erdos annually. 'Nadam' is a Mongolian word meaning festival or fiesta. With a history of over a thousand years, the fair is well-known for its traditional athletics, including archery, wrestling, and horse racing. Nadam Fair is the largest traditional fair of western China, with delegations from over 10 countries, including Japan and Russia, in attendance. It also has games like automobile racing and hockey, and even musical events such as stage performances and the Nadam Music Festival, in which many famous stars take part.

Time:  Aug 11 – Aug 18. (The Music Festival is from Aug 14 to Aug 15).

Place:  Erdos city, Inner Mongolia

Places to Visit:  Mausoleum of Genghis Khan—Erdos Nadam Fair—Dalat Sandbay—Kubuqi Desert and Qixng Lake—Erdos Grassland


The Nardden Festival is a unique folk-custom activity of the Tu Nationality in Minhe county, Qinghai province. Like Nadam in Inner Mongolia, Nardden Festival is how the Tu nationality celebrates their harvest. Unlike other folk festivals that are held only at one place, the Nardden Festival is held according to the harvest time of each village. From Song Village to Zhu Village, the festival lasts a total of 63 days. During these days, tourists can enjoy the unique flavor of each village, as well as the traditional Chinese Nuo Dramas, which are the first National Intangible Cultural Heritages of Qinghai province.

Time: Aug 21- Oct 22

Place: Sanchuan of Minhe country, Qinghai

Places to Visit: The Youning Temple and the North Mountain National Forest Park—Minhe Neolithic Site—the Nardden Festival—Mengda Crater Lake— the Xiaqiong Temple—Liuwan Ancient Tombs


August is considered the best month to visit Tibet, due to its pleasant weather condition and perfect landscape. The Shoton Festival is usually held from August 10 to Aug 16 on the Potala Palace Square in Lhasa of Tibet. The Tibetan word 'sho' means 'acidophilus milk or yogurt', and 'ton' means 'eat', indicating that 'shoton' is a festival for yogurt-eating. Now, the festival is mainly for Tibetan opera shows and Buddha exhibitions, combining cultural entertainment with religious activities. During the festival, there is also a fireworks show, the Shoton Economic and Trade Conference and the 'Shoton Star' singing competition.

Besides, from Aug 15 to Aug 21, the Bathing Festival is held at the bank of the Lhasa River of Tibet, during which, all the Tibetans bathe, play, and swim in the Lhasa River at sunset. They even wash their clothes and bedding there. After tiring of the bathing activities, the Tibetans have a bonfire party along the riverside, eating and having fun.


1. Tibet has a high altitude. Tourists should arrive one day early, go to bed early, and don't go anywhere the next day. Make sure you have a good rest before traveling.

2. Having some Tibetan Buttered Tea, dairy products and red meat can also help you to overcome altitude sickness.

3. Respect the customs of the Tibetans.

4. Areas of high altitude locality have strong UV radiation and temperature difference. Always bring a bottle of sunscreen with you, and be sure to bring weather-appropriate clothing.

Mountain Emei

Mountain Emei, located in Sichuan Province in Southwest China, is ranked as one of the most famous summer attractions in China, due to its comfortable summer weather, beautiful natural scenery, and a lot of Buddhist sites.

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