China Weather & Climate in April

Written by Ruru Zhou Updated Oct. 18, 2021

April is one of the best months for traveling in China. Cities in northern China, such as Beijing, offer comfortable temperatures (around 67°F) for outdoor activities. Southern China is increasingly warm and at the same time humid. Daily rainfall still afflicts some central and southern parts, but there is a good chance of sunshine between the showers.

April is really a lovely month, with the whole country basking in the enjoyment of vitality. A cool wind gently caresses people’s faces and the scent of blossoms whispers the secret: spring has arrived.


Average Temperatures and Humidity

What to Pack?


Walking around outside during the day, visitors can enjoy the bright and beautiful sunshine. But temperatures drop in the evening. You need to bring T-shirts and shorts for daytime and warm layers, a light jacket, and pants for the night.


The southern region is warm and damp in April. By the end of the month, it may even be hot by day. For hotter days, you may only need thin layers and shorts. For cooler days, however, weather-proof layers, sweater,s and light pants are recommended. Prepare raincoats and/or umbrellas for your family when traveling to the south in spring and a nice backpack for anyone who wants to participate in outdoor activities.

Why Visit China in April?

Please Note

The traditional Tomb-Sweeping Festival falls around the first weekend of April (depending on the Chinese lunar calendar). The price of domestic air tickets and accommodation is relatively high at festival time, and visitors will need to book their trip in advance.

What to Do & See?

Hiking on the Great Wall

April is one of the best months for outdoor activities. Hiking on the Great Wall near Beijing enables tourists to do some exercise, while at the same time appreciating the amazing ancient workmanship and the gorgeous hilly surroundings.

Li River Cruise

Standing on deck, you will have a 360°view of the Li River near Guilin. You will also observe farms and villages, water buffalo, and the extraordinary karst landscape. Boats are air-conditioned and meals are provided, to help visitors enjoy a four-hour cruise.

Yangshuo County

Yangshuo is situated at the end of the Li River Cruise. Old streets are well preserved in the town and quiet pastoral life in the rest of the county. Visitors can spend time riding bicycles on the country footpaths, seeing an amazing Impression Sanjie Liu show, or strolling past the folk shops.

Want to visit these places? The Memorable China Tour maybe a tour for you.

Hiking up Yellow Mountain

Visitors to the Yellow Mountain can explore more deeply the natural scenery of China. The great mountain turns a new shade of green in April and constantly renews its fresh air to welcome adventurers from all over the world. Interested? The 3-Day Classical Huangshan and Hongcun Tour maybe a tour for you.

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