Shanghai Weather in December, Visit Shanghai in December

Written by Sally Guo Updated Oct. 31, 2023

Winter brings Shanghai chilly temperatures and strong wind. Shanghai is quite cold in December, but it experiences very little snow during the winter months. The average temperature in December ranges from 4 to 11 degrees Celsius (39 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit).

As for humidity, Shanghai tends to be less humid in December compared to the warmer months, with levels ranging from 60% to 70%. It's a great time to explore the city without the sweltering heat and humidity that characterizes the summer.

General December Weather in Shanghai

Shanghai Weather in December

Shanghai Temperature in December

The temperature in Shanghai in December is generally cold and ranges from about 4 to 11 ℃ (39 to 52 ℉).

shanghai temperature in december

What to Wear in Shanghai in December

In December, it's best to dress warmly in Shanghai. Layering is key, so consider wearing thermal or long-sleeved shirts as a base, followed by warm sweaters. Don't forget a thick winter coat to shield against the cold wind. Boots with warm socks will help keep your feet cozy.

Scarves, gloves, and a hat are essential to protect against the cold, and carrying a compact umbrella is a smart choice for potential rain showers.

Is December a Good Time to Visit Shanghai?

December can be a good time to visit Shanghai, depending on your preferences and what you're looking for in your travel experience.

Pros of Visiting Shanghai in December

1. While it's winter, the temperatures in Shanghai are relatively mild compared to many other northern cities. It's cold but not excessively chilly, making it comfortable for outdoor activities.

2. December offers a pleasant experience with fewer crowds and lower hotel rates in Shanghai. You can enjoy shorter lines at popular attractions and a more relaxed exploration of the city.

3. Shanghai often decorates its streets and buildings with festive lights and decorations in December, creating a charming and festive ambiance, especially around Christmas and New Year's. You may have the chance to experience the Winter Solstice, and there are various cultural events happening throughout the month.

Cons of Visiting Shanghai in December

1. While it's not extremely cold, it can be damp and cloudy in December, with occasional rain. This may limit outdoor activities.

2. If you enjoy seeing lush gardens and greenery, many parks and gardens won't be at their most vibrant during this season.

Best Things to Do in Shanghai in December

Shanghai offers a variety of activities to enjoy in December, despite the cooler weather.

Check Out the Bird's-Eye View of the City

Standing on the towering viewing platform of the Shanghai Tower, or of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and looking down on chilly Shanghai from inside, you will access the widest panorama of the whole city as if you were watching a blockbuster film produced by Hollywood.

Shop at Christmas Markets

The less pleasant weather means that this is the low tourist season, when big discounts are offered by many hotels, restaurants, and shops, thus making Shanghai a good place for celebrating Christmas.

Enjoy seasonal treats, soak up the holiday atmosphere, and sort out your Christmas gifts this winter. Some popular markets include Xintiandi and Nanjing Road.

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