Beijing Weather in August

Written by ivana Updated May. 31, 2024

Beijing weather in August is hot and suffocating. This month is the hottest and wettest time in Beijing. Believe it or not, temperatures could be over 40°C during the daytime. Accompanied by a moderate rainfall of 180mm (7 inches), thunderstorms are frequent along with sudden torrential rain.

August is also a summer holiday for millions of schoolchildren and working people, so families pour into Beijing to take advantage of their days free from school and work. Attractions will be very crowded. Honestly speaking, August is not an ideal time to visit Beijing.

Average August Weather Statistics in Beijing

Beijing Temperature in August

Beijing Temperature in August

What to Wear in Beijing in August

1. T-shirt and shorts. August is one of the hottest months of the year. You will need to stay cool, especially if you are doing strenuous activity. You will sweat a lot in summer, so it’s best to carry breathable and quick-dry clothes.  

2. Hat and sunglasses. UV light is very strong in August. There is no shade of trees in the Great Wall, wearing a hat and sunglasses can protect you from being hurt by ultraviolet rays.

3. Sneakers or sandals. Good hiking shoes are good for you when you hike on the Great Wall. Sandals are convenient when paddling.

Is August a Good Time to Visit Beijing?

Like the hot July, August is also not an ideal time to visit Beijing. Expect to be sweltering during the day- especially in the sunlight, and uncomfortable most of the time. Besides the hot and suffocating weather, August is one of the tourist peak seasons. Scenic spots will be packed with both locals and foreigners mainly due to the school vacations. You are advised to book your hotels and flights in advance.

What to Do in Beijing in August

1. Visit the Forbidden City in the early morning. The Forbidden City, in the very heart of Beijing, is the largest and best-preserved ancient imperial architectural complex in the world. It is a must-see attraction in Beijing. During the hot summer, you are suggested to visit the palace in the early morning to avoid heat and crowds.

Visit the Forbidden City

2. Hike on the Simatai Great Wall in the evening. It is very hot during the day when traveling around Beijing in August There is no shade of trees on the Great Wall, you are advised to visit this must-see attraction in the late evening to avoid the uncomfortable heat. Simatai Great Wall is the only section open for night tours on Great Wall. The lit-up wall and the ancient town at the foot of the wall, make for stunning night views.

Hike on the Simatai Great Wall in the evening

3. Take a boat to the Summer Palace. Beijing Summer Palace is the largest and best-preserved royal park in China. The Palace greatly influences Chinese horticulture and landscape, with its famous natural views and cultural interest, and has long been recognized as 'The Museum of Royal Gardens'. Compared with the Forbidden City, this palace is more like a leisure garden serving as a getaway from daily routines for the royal household. Taking a boat on Kunming Lake is a pleasure activity in the hot summer.

the Summer Palace

Tips for Visiting Beijing in August

1. Prepare sun protection. August is the hottest month of the year, the UV light is strong. You are suggested to bring sunglasses, a sunhat, and sunscreen while traveling in Beijing.

2. Start the trip in the early morning. The UV light is very strong and the temperature becomes high this afternoon. It is suggested that you start the trip as early as possible to avoid heat and crowds.

3. Book hotels and transportation in advance. As August is a peak tourist season, hotels and transportation are in high demand, they may be fully booked one month in advance.

Tour Beijing with Us

Beijing weather in August is very hot. It is not an ideal time for visiting Beijing. If you plan to visit Beijing during this period, how to maximize your travel experience? If you tour Beijing with us, our experienced English-speaking guides will escort you and adjust your itinerary according to the weather conditions and crowded status. They are local and know everything about Beijing.

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