Beijing Weather in April

Beijing in April

Beijing in April

With the gloves and woolies off and the lakes thawed, spring is coming! Beijing weather in April is regularly good, it is warm and has many clear days. But the temperature can vary significantly between day and night. April suffers the occasional sandstorm for a week.

With various flowers blooming and trees turning green, April is a good time to visit Beijing and get close to nature!

Average April Weather Statistics in Beijing

  • Average Temperature: 14.1º Celsius (57º Fahrenheit)
  • High Temperature: 20.3º Celsius (69º Fahrenheit)
  • Low Temperature: 7.9º Celsius (46º Fahrenheit)
  • Rainfall: 22 Millimeters (0.9 Inches)
  • Rainy Days: 2
  • Humidity: 46%
  • Average Sunrise Time: 05:35
  • Average Sunset Time: 18:53

Beijing Temperature in April

Beijing Temperature in April

What to Wear in Beijing in April

Wearing a windbreaker jacket

Wearing a windbreaker jacket

1. Layers. Beijing weather in April is changeable. Layers are important because they can keep you warm, and you can remove them as you hike if you get too hot.

2. Windbreakers, long pants. Beijing’s spring is windy. Wearing windbreakers and long pants when joining in outdoor activities is necessary.

3. Hiking shoes. Good hiking shoes are good for you when you hike on the Great Wall.

Is April a good time to visit Beijing?

April is the start of spring in Beijing, it is a good time for a trip. There are a few advantages and disadvantages to visiting Beijing in April.


  • The weather is warm during the day and is cool in the morning and evening.
  • Seldom rains, there are many clear sunny days in April.
  • With various flowers blooming and trees turning green, April is a good time to get close to nature!


  • The weather in April is windy, you may suffer a sandstorm.
  • The number of tourists continually increases from this month. You may have to wait in the queue for some attractions.

What to Do in Beijing in April

Flying Kites in Spring

Flying Kites in Spring

1. Visit the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City, in the very heart of Beijing, is the largest and best-preserved ancient imperial architectural complex in the world. It is a must-see attraction in Beijing.

2. View flowers on the Great Wall. As an icon of China, the Great Wall has a high reputation both at home and abroad. It is a must-see attraction in Beijing, too. April is a good time to view various flowers on the Great Wall. There are many apricot flowers in Badaling Section, many peach blossoms in Mutianyu Section, and Huanghuacheng Section.

3. Fly a kite at Olympic Forest Park. The spring wind in Beijing provides a perfect opportunity to fly a kite. Kite flying is allowed in many parks, such as Olympic Forest Park, Temple of Heaven Park, and Chaoyang Park.

Tips for Visiting Beijing in April

Flowers in Summer Palace

Flowers in Summer Palace

1. Beware the Tomb Sweeping Day. Chinese traditional festival - Tomb Sweeping Day (Qingming Festival) usually falls on 4-5 April. Many people will spend a holiday with family and visit some popular attractions. It would be very crowded in the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. You are suggested to avoid this period to get a better experience.

2. Prepare some masks. The concentrations of PM2.5 are high and the weather is windy in April. You may suffer the sandstorm. Wearing a mask can protect you from air pollution and sandstorm.

3. Prepare some antiallergic drugs. Willow catkins and pollen waft through the air in April, it usually causes allergies for some people.

Tour Beijing with Us

 Exploring Beijing

Exploring Beijing

Beijing weather in April is regularly good, but how to maximize your travel experience when it’s bad? If you tour Beijing with us, our experienced English-speaking guides will escort you and adjust your itinerary according to the weather changes. They are local and know everything about Beijing.

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