Beijing Weather in September

Written by ivana Updated May. 31, 2024

September is one of the best times to visit Beijing. By September, the summer heat is dying down and the rainy season has gone. The weather is pleasant and the air is fresh, most of the days are clear and sunny.

As you may know, July and August are the summer holiday for many Chinese students and working people. Most people will back to school or back to work from early September, so foreigners can take advantage of the working month to visit Beijing and avoid huge crowds of domestic travelers.

Average September Weather Statistics in Beijing

Beijing Temperature in September

Beijing Temperature in September

What to Wear in Beijing in September

1. T-shirt, long sleeves and light pants. Beijing’s autumn starts in September. The weather is still hot in the afternoon during early September, T-shirt is good to stay cool. From late September, the temperature difference between day and night is substantial, long-sleeves or light coat is necessary for the early morning or evening activities.

2. Hat and sunglasses. Despite the summer is ended, it can still get quite sunny during the day, UV light is strong in September. Wear some sun protection while hiking.

3. Sneakers. September is the best time to enjoy hiking in Beijing. Good hiking shoes are good for you when you hike on the Great Wall.

Is September a good time to visit Beijing?

September is the start of autumn in Beijing, it is a golden time for the trip. There are a few advantages and disadvantages to visiting Beijing in September.



What to Do in Beijing in September

1. Visit the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City, in the very heart of Beijing, is the largest and best-preserved ancient imperial architectural complex in the world. It is a must-see attraction in Beijing. You are suggested to visit the palace in the early morning to avoid the crowds.

Visit the Forbidden City

2. Hike on the Jinshanling Great Wall. It takes about 2½ hours to drive to Jinshanling from Beijing. It was regarded as the most photogenic and most beautiful section of the Great Wall. The walks in this section are graded as moderate. With pleasant weather in September, it is a good time to hike on the wall.

Hike on the Jinshanling Great Wall

3. Climb Fragrant Hill and view colorful maple leaves. The Fragrant Hill, as the most beautiful sight in autumn Beijing, wins its fame all over the world with its maple leaves. The leaves usually turn red from late September to early November.

Colorful Fragrant Hill

Tips for Visiting Beijing in September

1. Beware the Mid-autumn Festival. Traditional Chinese festivals follow the lunar calendar, which means they fall on different days each year according to the Gregorian calendar. The Mid-autumn Festival usually falls in September. Many people will spend a holiday with family and visit some popular attractions. It would be very crowded in the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.

2. Prepare sun protection. Though the hot summer is gone, with many clear sunny days in this month, the UV light is still strong in September. You are suggested to bring sunglasses, a sunhat, and sunscreen while traveling in Beijing.

3. Book hotels and transportation in advance. As September is a high tourist season, hotels and transportation are in high demand, they may be fully booked one month in advance.

Tour Beijing with Us

Beijing weather in September is usually pleasant, it is the best time to visit Beijing. How to maximize your travel experience? If you tour Beijing with us, our experienced English-speaking guides will escort you and adjust your itinerary according to the weather conditions and crowded status. They are local and know everything about Beijing.

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