Beijing Weather in June

Beijing in June

Beijing in June

With the rainfall increasing, Beijing enters the summer from June. The weather becomes hot and humid from this month. Sometime the temperature will over 30℃ (86℉). You may meet occasional thunderstorms.  

Following the just passed tourist high season in May, June is a tourist shoulder season, the price for accommodation and transportation is good. There are not so many crowds this month as the weather becomes hotter.

Average June Weather Statistics in Beijing

  • Average Temperature: 24.5º Celsius (76º Fahrenheit)
  • High Temperature: 30.2º Celsius (86º Fahrenheit)
  • Low Temperature: 18.8º Celsius (66º Fahrenheit)
  • Rainfall: 78 Millimeters (3 Inches)
  • Rainy Days: 7
  • Humidity: 59%
  • Average Sunrise Time: 04:46
  • Average Sunset Time: 19:43

Beijing Temperature in June

Beijing Temperature in June

What to Wear in Beijing in June

Beijing in Summer

Beijing in Summer

1. T-shirt, long sleeves and light pants. Although most of the time in June is hot in Beijing, it can be cool in the evening. You are suggested to wear T-shirts on the day and bring a long sleeve in case.

2. Hat and sunglasses. UV light is very strong in June. There is no shade of trees in the Great Wall, wearing a hat and sunglasses can protect you from being hurt by ultraviolet rays.

3. Sneakers. Good hiking shoes are good for you when you hike on the Great Wall.

Is June a Good Time to Visit Beijing?

Before the tourist flow of summer vacation since July, June is a good time to visit Beijing. There are a few advantages and disadvantages to visiting Beijing in June.


  • Compared with May and July, June is a tourist shoulder season, there are not so many crowds.
  • June has the longest hours of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere, so enjoy long days of exploring Beijing.
  • You can pack light in hot summer.


  • The weather is hot, especially when hiking on the Great Wall as there is no shade of trees.
  • There are many crowds on Children’s Day (1 June) and Dragon Boat Festival (25 June 2020).

What to Do in Beijing in June

Beihai Park

Beihai Park

1. Visit the Forbidden City in the early morning. The Forbidden City, in the very heart of Beijing, is the largest and best-preserved ancient imperial architectural complex in the world. It is a must-see attraction in Beijing. During the hot summer, you are suggested to visit the palace in the early morning to avoid heat and crowds.

2. Hike on the Great Wall. As an icon of China, the Great Wall has a high reputation both at home and abroad. It is a must-see attraction in Beijing, too. Standing on the wall in summer, there is a boundless stretch of lush forests as far as your eyes can see. Beware that there is no shade of trees on the wall, make sure you arrive there as early as possible to avoid the summer heat.

3. View Lotuses in Beihai Park. June is the best time to view Lotus. Behai Park is recommended. The park is located at the center of Beijing, behind the Forbidden City. It is now one of the best-preserved royal gardens with nearly one thousand years' history. It offers breathtaking views of a sea of lotus plants in summer.

Tips for Visiting Beijing in June

1. Beware the Dragon Boat Festival. Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month (usually in June). Usually, the holiday will last 3 days, many Chinese will take advantage of this holiday and travel around. Popular tourist sites will be unbelievably busy. You are suggested to avoid this period to get a better experience.

2. Prepare sun protection. June is the beginning of the hot summer, the UV light is strong. You are suggested to bring sunglasses, a sunhat, and sunscreen while traveling in Beijing.

3. Start the trip in the early morning. The UV light is very strong and the temperature becomes high afternoon. It is suggested that you start the trip as early as possible to avoid heat and crowds.

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 Exploring Beijing

Exploring Beijing

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